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Weight Loss

Friday, December 12, 2008

So it has been a while since I have posted anything here....i need to make myself write more often.

So whats new with me......
I have changed my WI days from Thursday evening to Mondays at lunch....EEK!!!
The reason I am doing this is that there is a WW @work offered here, and a woman that I work with attends them, so I thought I would join her.
The weigh ins and meetings are fit within the hour (12-1) and we bring our lunches to eat during the meeting. So it works for me.

So last week I WI on Thursday at 247.0
Monday that just passed I WI at 245.5 yay me!!

I know it was only 4 days, and i was a little iffy about it. Last night I hopped on my scale at about the time that I would have WI at the meetings and I weighed the same as I did on Monday. My scale weighs me pretty much the same as the meeting one so I was happy to accept the 1.5 loss from Monday a true loss. I was also quite happy that from Monday - Thursday I weighed the same since Tuesday afternoon we had our department holiday lunch, and Wednesday I have KFC. I did track everything I ate, and the holiday lunch was a buffet and I only went up once. I am quite happy with my progress.

I haven't been able to get any activity in about 2 weeks.
I got sick 2 weekends ago to the point where I could barely function.
By Monday I was OK and got 1 hour of DDR in....then I hurt my back wrapping presents.
Felt better by Friday and did 30 minutes Biggest Loser DVD.
Saturday fell down the stairs while carrying laundry and injured my tailbone. This made it extremely uncomfortable to sit, walk, lay down....well pretty much any movement.
It is now Friday and its better, but it still hurts to sit and squat.
I really want to get more activity in, but its really hard when you are injured.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Momentum Plan

So the new WW plan has arrived (online), and I think i like it. No big changes but some good ones. Below is some info from WW that are different with this new program that wasnt part of the old. This is not how it was written on the site, i just copied some if the info.

The Momentum™ plan is built on a proven method for weight-loss success: burn more calories than you take in. Weight Watchers will guide you towards wise food choices, choices that will help you stay satisfied. And you’ll learn to be aware of those choices by tracking the foods you eat.
The plan centers around four basic concepts that help you choose wisely
The POINTS® System
Filling Foods
The Good Health Guidelines
The weekly POINTS Allowance

Not all POINTS values are equal. Filling Foods keep you satisfied even as you’re taking in fewer calories, so you can lose weight. They’re great sources of protein or other elements that fill you up and keep you satisfied. Using your POINTS ® values on foods from the Filling Foods List will help you stay full throughout the day.

What are Filling Foods?
People tend to eat the same volume of food each day— by filling their stomachs with food, they avoid feelings of hunger. Some foods — Filling Foods — help keep you full longer, and fill you up on fewer calories. By incorporating Filling Foods into your meals, you’ll learn to stretch your POINTS values and make better choices.

Why eat Filling Foods?
Knowing the POINTS values of foods will help you make smart choices. Sometimes, though, foods have low POINTS values, but lack staying power. Five jelly beans, for example, have a POINTS value of 1. But how effectively will jelly beans keep you feeling satisfied? Before long, you may need another snack, for more POINTS values. On the other hand, one slice of low-fat or fat-free cheese has 1 POINTS value, and is a Filling Food. This means you probably will be satisfied for longer.
Filling Foods, on the other hand, keep hunger at bay longer. They’re great sources of protein; or they’re packed with water and fibre— elements that fill you up and keep you satisfied. Choose foods from the Filling Foods List in the
Plan Manager and you’ll stay more satisfied throughout the day.

The Simply Filling Technique
Because tracking is not a fit for everybody, we also have the Simply Filling technique. You can eat as much as you want from the Filling Foods List – as long as you remain aware of your hunger levels and choose wisely.

Tracking Alternatives
If tracking is just not working for you, the MomentumTM plan offers an alternative: The Simply Filling technique. This allows you to eat certain foods without tracking. As long as you stay aware of your hunger signals, you won’t be in danger of overeating.

Another way to keep track: Simply Filling
Tracking is our preferred way of maintaining control, but some people just aren’t wired for it.So we have another technique: Simply Filling. Simply Filling requires that you give up some flexibility in your choices and requests, and that you rely more on listening to your body’s signals — those signals are how you’ll maintain control. In exchange, you don’t have to track POINTS® values.

How Simply Filling works
The Simply Filling technique will work to help you lose weight, because the science behind Filling Foods – they’re usually filled with protein, fiber, and water — will prevent you from overeating. It’s like being accountable to your body’s signals, instead of to your POINTS Tracker. And if you don’t like it, you can always switch back to tracking.

SetPOINTS Values
Eating away from home can make estimating portion sizes a challenge. That’s why Weight Watchers has established a SetPOINTS value for certain foods. Instead of estimating portions to track POINTS values, you can simplify by eating whatever portion seems reasonable, and tracking the appropriate SetPOINTS value instead.

Foods with SetPOINTS values

Foods with SetPOINTS values are Filling Foods that are generally high in water and fiber. Since they fill you up faster, you can be confident that you won’t overeat them. As long as you listen to your body’s hunger signals and maintain awareness, you will be fine.

How SetPOINTS values work
At any meal, eat one of the SetPOINTS values foods — however much feels like a sensible portion to you. Stay mindful of your hunger signals. Stop eating when you feel satisfied. When you track the POINTS value of that food, use the SetPOINTS value, no matter how big your portion ends up being. Continue following the plan as usual, using your weekly POINTS Allowance and swapping activity POINTS values for food as you see fit.

The rules:

  • Meet your daily POINTS Target
  • Continue using your weekly POINTS Allowance and swapping activity POINTS values as you normally do.
  • Assign the SetPOINTS values to only one food within a category (So, if you’re eating surf and turf with lean steak and shrimp, count the SetPOINTS value twice.)
  • Count SetPOINTS values per meal, without extending portions into other meals. (So, if you have lean steak for both lunch and dinner, count the SetPOINTS value twice.)
  • Consciously assess signals as you eat. Eat what feels like a normal portion to you, but avoid eating so much that you feel stuffed.

Swapping activity POINTS values for food
You can swap the activity POINTS values you earn for extra food POINTS values_for times you need an extra treat. You may lose more weight if you don’t use them, but using them doesn’t eliminate your potential to lose weight. The only rule is that swapped activity POINTS values must be used within the week that you earned them

The Filling Foods list and the Core foods list are very similar, but not identical. For example, condiments and healthy oils are not on the filling foods list.
So besides this, the program has pretty much stayed the same. Flex people still track like they always have. Core people still have a list of food that they eat for free.

I think I will enjoy these changes.


So the new momentum plan was released online yesterday. A little early so many people are confused.....but it looks good to me!

thats all :)

Friday, November 28, 2008

TV is the Devil!

So I didn't go WI last night when I probably should have. Instead I cleaned the kitchen, made a healthy dinner and worked out for 30 minutes.
I think that because I did something to help in the weight loss that it was OK for me to miss the meeting. At least that's what I am telling myself. I have only missed 2 meetings so far in 12 weeks, but one of them was because I was taking care of my mom who had surgery.

Although I did not go in for an official WI, I did weigh myself at home. I know it is pretty accurate because I always weigh myself at home before I go to meetings and the the most t has ever been off is 0.2lb.

Anyways....I WI at home and i was up +0.2lb. That I can handle. TOM had arrived, and the large amounts of sodium and the lack of water could have been the reason. Either way it was a gain and I have moved on from it.

I realized last night that TV is the devil....yup the devil!!!
I usually get home at about 420pm and take the dog for a walk, then have a small snack. After that its just about 500pm and Judge Judy is on. It's like she just sucks me in and makes me watch her!! Well last night it wasn't on (Football was on), and there is nothing else on at that time, so that is when I worked out. I almost always choose TV over working out....and I need to stop doing that. I need to train myself to not even turn the TV on when I get home, and leave it off until I get a workout it. It's only 30 minutes of my life without TV and you think it would be easy. I think I will add that to my December goals.....NO TV until workout is complete!

So my goals for December (which are also on the WW.ca board)

30 min of activity @least 4days/week
plan all meals @least 4days/week
track everyday
eat 5 fruit/veggie a day
STS @ Jan2 WI
No TV until workout complete

Thursday, November 27, 2008


So this week has been pretty interesting. I havent been following the plan as I should be, or even vowed I would do. I keep saying that I have the motivation and that I am finally going to lose weight and be determined....but I am just not.

Yesterday I ate an entire bag of cheesies.
Last night TOM arrived ;(
Tonight I am supposed to WI and I am not going.

I dont know what I need give me that push. I had 2 bad months in a row, that didnt seem to do it. I have had a great month this month, and I feel pretty much the same.

I am trying a couple different things to try to help me be and stay motivated so maybe December will be my month. I have been planning my meals a few days in advanced, so it makes it harder to stray from the program. I have also printed a calender from Ashley's blog to help me stay active for the next 5 weeks. I think if I can visualize the activity I want to do, and the progress I have done, it will make me want to do more.

If this doesnt work then I dont know.
I find it easy to talk to others to try to help them get their motivation but cant seem to talk to myself.

I have to do this for myself, I cant keep living the way I am.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Change to the Program

For those of you who may not have heard yet, but the WW program is changing the week of December 7. So like many other people I have been curious and VERY impatient, so I have tried to hunt down some information ahead of time. My leader told me that it is the biggest change since the introduction of Core, so I needed to know.

This is what I have found:
The Momentum Plan
This seems very much like core as it focuses on certain foods, and the foods are those that will fulfil your hunger needs and keep you satisfied. The food list will be different than core though.

This is a cookbook that I found on Amazon. On the front cover there is a pink label that says that it has Points and Momentum plan recipes.

I am hoping this is something I can try. I have never tried Core as there are so many things that I don't like to eat that are core foods, that I would have a hard time surviving off of my 35 flex points. I also want to add that I am not saying that this is 100% what the program changes will be, but this is some info I have found and thought I should pass it on.

Weigh In

Well I am glad to announce that I lost weight this week!!!! YAY ME!
I lost another 1.8lb.
Not only am I finally losing weight after 2 months of pretty much nothing....but this is the lowest I have been since re-joining WW. So i am definitely happy right now.

I just have to keep up with it this week, because last week I did have a few moments of weakness and I don't want it to catch up with me at my next weigh in.


For those of you that may remember, a couple months ago I was talking about having symptoms of being tired and cold all the time, among other things. Well I went to the doctor to get blood tests done to check my thyroid and hemoglobin levels, to which my doctor added other things like cholesterol and blood sugar.

The good news is that nothing is wrong with me and I am in great health. I love knowing that even though I am overweight, I have always been a very healthy person and there has never been any concerns about my health mentioned to me ever, not even that my weight will badly affect me.

The bad news is that nothing is wrong with me. I have no idea why I am feeling the way I do but I am. The doctor was just as confused as I am. He suggested that my constant fatigue may actually mean that I need to be more active, so I am working on that.

Here is to losing more weight!! :)
Have a great weekend!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Why do I do this to myself

So yup, last week was great as I lost 2.4lb...........this week not so good.
I STS. I know many people say "don't worry its better than a gain" except I cannot accept that.
If i had put the effort forward and got the sts then OK, but that is not really how it happened. I didn't put the effort in, ate things should have, pretty sure I went over points some days (I really don't know since I didn't track every day).

The week I lost the 2.4 I didn't stay for the meeting (mom had surgery and I had to care for her), but I wish that I did. I think it may have kept me a little more motivated this last week. The meeting last night has got me thinking more and my determination is up and I WILL do better this week!!!!

On another note, a couple months ago I posted about some symptoms I have been having and that I made a doctors appointment to get checked to see what may be causing it. Tuesday I went in for some blood work where they are checking my thyroid and hemoglobin. Since they are already removing the blood from me, they are testing a few other things like my cholesterol (and other things I cant remember). I kind of that feeling like "i hope nothings wrong" because I don't want to have something wrong with me, but on the other hand I want something to be wrong with me that is fixable, otherwise I have these symptoms and nothing I can do about it. I get the results on Wednesday.

Last........I keep sitting here and wondering what the new changes are going to be on the WW program. My leader and the receptionist last night were saying that this is the biggest change in a long time....hmmmm.
The receptionist was saying that she felt so weird, because she is telling new people how the program works, knowing that what she is saying is going to change in a matter of a couple weeks. As long as it doesn't give me more points to eat (like it did on the last change 2 years ago) then I think I am OK with that.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Thursday WI

So as I sit here, eating my apple.......
I would like to announce that I lost 2.4lb this week!!!! YAY ME!!!

I guess having goals really helps!! I didnt actually acheive all of them, but who cares?!?! I put the effort in and tried and came out with a great result.

activity 4 days/week: 2/7
Drink 2L water/day: 4/7
Lose 8lb: 2.4/8
Track everything every day: 7/7
Leave 5FP each week: 15 left

So far so good I think. I know I have some areas that I need to work on, but that is what this week is for. I am just glad to get out of the rut of October. That month is almost embarrasing. Really, you dont put the effort in, you dont get the results.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


So here is today's update:

*track everything, everyday- I tracked all of my food yesterday!!
*Drink 2L H2O every day- I didn't get all 2L, but did get 1.5 which is the amount recommended by WW
*30 minutes of activity at least 4 days/week- Did 30 minutes of my Cardio video
*Leave 5FP at the end of each week- My week started Friday, and so far I have 24 FP left
*Lose 8lb- First November WI is this thursday night

So I have already realized that there is a little kink in my plans! I planned on getting 30 minutes of activity at least 4 days/week. Today and tomorrow would have been days 3 & 4. My mom is having surgery today, so I have to take car of her tonight since she is not allowed to get up. I am not sure I can do my video, especially at her house as I will most likely be interrupted. I think I am just going to have to improvise and find a way to get something in.
I was planning on doing my power sculpt video, so what I think I may do is bring my weights over there and do some easy things. As long as I'm moving right???
Tuesday's Meals

Breakfast- 2 slices WW toast w peanut butter, 1 cup 1% milk (5)
Snack- Triscuits (1)
Lunch- Michelinas, fruit cup, rice pudding (9)
Snack- Pear (1)
Dinner- TBD (12)
Snack- Hot Chocolate, WW 1pt PB bar (3)

Monday, November 3, 2008

WI - 30/10/2008

So my WI last week was worse that I thought! :(
I ended up gaining 1.8lb and am now at 251.8 (yuck)
In 4 weeks, I have WI 3 times and each has been a gain......soooooo not good and I don't know why I am doing this to myself!

I have made some goals for November, and I am going to try to check in here every day and be honest with how I am doing with them!

Goals For November
*track everything, everyday
*Drink 2L H2O every day
*30 minutes of activity at least 4 days/week
*Leave 5FP at the end of each week
*Lose 8lb

If I work hard at it, I could actually achieve all of these goals; even the 8lb loss.

So far this week (week starting Friday) I have tracked everything and Friday I went bowling, so I got some activity in! My plan for the rest of the week activity is:
Mon- Cardio Max video 30 min
Tues- Power Sculpt video 40 min
Wed- DDR 30-60 min
Thurs- Nothing (WI day)

I have also decided that even though I am now back in the 250's and should be eating 32pts again, I am not going to. I am going to stick with the 31 since I have now gotten myself used to eating that much.

Monday's Meals

Breakfast- Fibre 1 Honey Clusters w milk (4)
Snack- Slim Fast Snack Bar (3)
Lunch- Turkey Sandwich, grapes, rice pudding, cinnamon twists (7)
Snack- Pear (1)
Dinner- TBD (12)
Snack- frozen yogurt, hot chocolate (4)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Feeling Iffy

So my WI is tomorrow and I am not feeling so hot about it. I have re commited to tracking and have tried to be more active this week, But today i did not do so well on the food thing. Not only did I have a piece of cake, but I also had a donut from Timmy's....UGH!! I guess I will just have to move on. I am determined to lose this weight!!!! No matter what, next weeks WI is going to be uch much much better!!!!!!!

Wednesday's Meals

Breakfast: Fibre 1 Honey CLusters w 1% milk (4)
Snack: Slim fast snack bar, Cake (10)
Lunch: *leftovers* Campbells Fiesta Chicken Casserole (8)
Snack: Tim Hortons Steeped Tea & Donut (6)
Dinner: Beef Stew w Bread (9)

Activity: 45 minute DDR (+6)

Total: 31 YAY Me!! I thought I went over! Good thing I got off my butt and got active.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday's Meal

Breakfast: Fruit Smoothie (5) **This has 4 servings of fruit/veggies**
Snack: SlimFast Muffin Snack Bar (3)
Lunch: Pork Sandwich, Cheesy Popcorn, Apple (7)
Snack: WW Peanut Butter Mini Bar (1)
Dinner: Campbells Fiesta Chicken Casserole (8)
Snack: Dill Pickle Chips (6)

Monday, October 27, 2008


It's amazing how quickly out of shape you can get.
This saturday I worked out and I was in pain during it and out of breath quickly. When I was working out more regularly, it was gettting to be no problem to get the 30 minutes in, but man it was hard this time. It was kinda of a wake up call telling me that I need to keep up with the activity, or its gonna nip me in the butt! I need to get back into at least 4 days a week of 30 minute activity. I think that is the last hurdle I need to re-cross to get this weighloss back to going in the right direction

Besides that, this weekend was pretty good. Went to a friends birthday, ate some junk, tracked it and moved on. Cleaned the house with John; its nice actually seeing him at home when I get off work.

Monday's Meals

Breakfast: Oatmeal (3)
Snack: Tim Hortons Steeped tea & pumpkin donut (6)
Lunch: Pork sandwich, carrots, rice pudding, tricuits (11)
Snack: Rice cake w PB & V8 fusion (4)
Dinner: TBD (7 points left)

Activity: Biggest Loser Power Sculpt

Friday, October 24, 2008

Thanksgiving Kills You!

SO i have been reading many peoples blogs, and posts in forums and I have noticed that Thanksgiving just ruins weight loss for people. Its like people fall off the wagon during the holiday, and they struggle and fight to get back on it for weeks to follow. I admit I am one of these people.

The last Day that I tracked everything was Wednesday October 8.

Horrible I know!!! It was the day before WI day, and the WI before thanksgiving and from there it was downhill. I fell off the wagon as it was going down a bumpy hill and I just rolled down, not being able to get back on.

I really hate that I can lose motivation so easily. I don't have any fears or feelings that I cannot succeed, because I know I can. I think I just get bored with things easily then I just stop trying. I like things to be set and structured, and I cant get this weight loss progress to be like that. If things are not scheduled, I will find a way to not do them.

I also have a hard time with talking myself into doing things. If I can find the smallest reason why not to workout, I cant seem to talk myself into doing it. That small thought of laziness will prevail!

I really just have to make this more of a priority than I have been. I had a goal of 15lb to lose by Halloween, it is now Oct 24 and I have lost 2. The end of the year is in less than 2 months and I wanted to lose 30 by then. That's 3lb a week!!!! I need to get back into this!

Today I have started tracking again, and I am planning on working out as well. This is a priority and a necessity to my health!

Today's Food

Fiber 1 Honey clusters cereal w 1% milk

1 cup Campbells Healthy Request Soup
Raw Carrots
Banana Bread
Rice Pudding

1 Rice cake w peanut butter
1 cup apple juice

Breaded pork tenderloin chops
Fried potaotes (oil)
1 cup milk

1 Slice lemon diet pop cake
1/2 frozen yogurt

Total: 31 + 2 flex

Friday, October 17, 2008

Not related to WW but......TAG!!

So I was tagged by Jordanna and I have to post 6 things interesting about myself. Well I can think of 4 right now so I will put those and when I think if more I will add.

1) I am half Jamaican. My dad was born and raised in Jamaica and came to Canada in his late teens.

2) I am messy organized person. Yes sounds odd so here is why. My Cd's, DVDs and many other things need to be in order by alphabet or date and I get really annoyed when they are moved. I also make lists for everything. I have post-its all over my desk with lists, books with lists, I just need things written down and organized. I am messy because I just am. My desk is messy, my house is messy, I have always been messy.

3) I wear woman's 12W shoes and Payless is my best friend. Yes I am a giant.

4) I hate chocolate ice cream, shakes, fudge, syrup and cake. No I do not just dislike them, I HATE them.

5) I love buying new gadgets/electronics. If I wasn't so broke I would own more. John & I each own a laptop, plus a desktop and we each have an MP3 Player. There are only two of us and we own 3 TVs (plus a 4Th which is at my moms) and 2 DVD Players. We have a Nintendo Game cube and Wii, PlayStation 1&2, and if we could afford it we would have an XBOX360. We have 2 digital cameras and I right now want a GPS and a video camera (good thing we are getting married in 8 months)

so I am TAGGING the following people:
Defying Gravity (water nymph)

anyone else who wants to join

Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

So I know the wish is a little early but I may not be online for a few days so I might as well send wishes now.Have a Happy Turkey Day!!!
So my weigh in was last night. Wasn't too good but not enough for me to get upset. It was a 0.4lb gain. I have been mixing up each week how I use my flex points to see how it affects my weight loss and what I have come up with is that I need to use them each day throughout the week, and not use them all up for one or 2 big dinners. I never use the same amount of flex on the days that i do use them, so pretty much its like each day I need to use a different amount of points. Mix it up so my body doesn't get used to what I am doing.
My plan was to lose 30lb by the end of the year, and 10 lb by last nights WI. Well I still have 28lb to go. These next 2.5 months I am going to have to work a lot harder than I have been. I need to get off my ass and move more often!!! I am going to Peterborough Monday-Wednesday to visit John's family, so I have to make sure that each day that I am there I do something active. I am bringing my DDR so I have that, plus I think I will go for some walks.
again I hope everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving....and don't overdo it on the stuffing!!! (that will be my challenge)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

So what's wrong with me now....

So lately I have been having all of these things "wrong" with me in the last couple of months so finally I made an appointment with my doctor.

I have been cold all summer, since about June. When everyone else is wearing t-shirts and shorts/skirts, I am here in long pants and a sweater. And its like I can never get warm.

I have always had troubles adjusting to temperature, but not as extreme as it has been this summer. I am always either colder, or hotter than everyone else, and a slight change in temperature really hits me and I am shivering or sweating, but nothing like it has been. My hands don't always feel cold, but my core does.

I have been extremely tired. It doesn't seem to matter how much I sleep, it just doesn't seem like enough. Saturday night I go to bed around midnight, and get up at about 830am. By 10-1030 I am exhausted and fall asleep on the couch and just couldn't get myself up until 130pm (only because the phone rang and I had to take john to work). I feel like I could sleep most of the day away.

I am weak. I am not sure if this is tied into the feeling tired all the time, but lately I have felt really week. My arms and legs just feel like they cannot function properly and my body just doesn't have the energy to move. Feeling weak all of the time is a very odd feeling and I don't particularly enjoy it.

So I booked a doctor's appointment and am getting tested for hypothyroidism and anemia. I was told before in the past that I have slight anemia, when I was going to have jaw surgery, so I was put on iron pills prior to the surgery. I was told that I didn't have to take iron after that, but it was just because I would have blood loss during the surgery and they want to make sure I was oxygenated enough. My friend has hypothyroidism and she was the one who suggested I get tested for that as well.

So I looked up the symptoms for both anemia and hypothyroidism and I do have symptoms of both (all I will list are the symptoms I have, not all possible symptoms)

chest pain (I have had chest pain for years and it appears randomly)
pale skin
heavy menstrual periods
*I have had these symptoms for a long time, and since I was told I had slight anemia when I was 15 these make sense*

dry rough skin
cold intolerance
thin brittle nails
weight gain (I noticed that the last 20-25lb I gained came on a lot faster than normal although my eating habits didn't change, and all of my weight gain has come back to my mid section only)

I hope that nothing is wrong with me in the end but to be safe I am going to get checked. What really sucks is that my doctor is booked up for a month so I cannot go see him until November 10. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


So as you can tell from the post title, I am happy.

I had my WI tonight and I am down 2.4 lb. I am so happy, especially after last week and how upset I was. So not only did I have a great WI, I now have to eat 31 points a day instead of 32. First time I am happy that I can eat less food! LOL

October has started off great! ☺☺☺

ps.... Jordanna I am slowly catching up!

Thursday's Plan

I really need to buy fruit and veggies. I didn't realize how low I was so today is not a very good OP day :( I also left my oatmeal at home so I went to Timmy's for breakfast.

Breakfast: 10
Cinnamon Raisin Bagel w Butter (6)
8oz French Vanilla Cappacinno (4)

Snack: 2
Nature Valley Fibre Source Bar (2)

Lunch: 12
Turkey Meatball Sandwich (9)
Baked Tostitos w Salsa (2)
Apple (1)

Snack: 2
Plain Rice cake w Peanut Butter

Dinner: 10
BBQ pork chop (5)
1 potato (2)
cooked carrots (1)
1 cup milk (2)

Points used: 32 + 4 Flex

Water: 1.5L
Activity: 30 minute walk

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Month....New Start


Now that I am done feeling crappy about my loss, and re-evaluating everything, I am going to act like like I am starting over.

I lost no weight in September and it made me really frustrated with myself and my progress. I decided yesterday to just suck it up and start again. I am starting October like nothing had happened last month. September didn't exist. I weigh in tomorrow, but I will not let this one bother me if it is not good because I know i wasn't 100% this last week. I am going to be 100% this month and on.

Now for my challenge with Jordanna. I have 2 weigh ins before October 10th where I was aiming to lose 10lb. I do not see myself reaching this goal, but I am still going to work hard and try. I am still going to try to lose 30lb by the end of the year which is about 2.3 lb per week. It is a high goal but I am going to try.

October Goals

  • minimum of 150 minutes of activity a week (that's about 30 minutes 5 days a week)
  • drink minimum 6 glasses H2O a day
  • track every single thing I eat
  • do NOT eat out more than once a week
  • No evening snacks unless planned
  • Plan my meals out ahead of time

Friday, September 26, 2008

Losing Motivation???

So I have been thinking that was unconsciously losing motivation, if that makes any sense. I am always talking positively about how I am going to lose weight, and that I am going to do it and I am going to succeed, but then I seem to not put the full work in.

I started noticing this after I weighed in last night. I said to myself "I am going to have a good number, I worked hard this week, I did more activity, I ate my flex if I felt hungry, I journalled everything, this will be good". It wasn't so good.

Don't get me wrong, I did lose and I am glad that it was something, but I was kind of expecting more. I lost 0.6lb. I thought back and realised that maybe I am not putting as much effort in as I thought I was putting in.

So I have decided that for October, I am going to work harder at this. I am going to do a minimum of 30 minutes of activity EVERY DAY!!!! Even if it is just a walk, it will be done. I am going to put in a better effort at following all 8 healthy guidelines, especially since this is where i struggle the most and in more than one area.

I CAN and WILL do this!!!

**ADD: I just realised that for the month of September I have not lost any weight. That is horrible and makes me even more angry with myself. It shows me even more that I need to get my act together**

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tueday's Plan

Breakfast: 3
3/4 cup apple cinnamon cheerios (2)
1/2 cup 1% milk (1)

Snack: 2
Chips Ahoy Thinsations (2)

Lunch: 7
1 cup tomato soup (made with milk) (3)
1 cup grapes (1)
goldfish crackers (2)
Turkey Pepperette (1)

Snack: 3
Slim fast Muffin snack bar (3)

Dinner: 10
Banana Pancakes (8)
no sugar added syrup (2)

Dessert: 4
Vanilla frozen yogurt (2)
Crumbled All bran bar (2)

Points Used: 29
Points Left: 3

Activity: 60 minutes DDR (4)

Friday, September 19, 2008

My First Meeting

Well I went back to meetings last night and it went pretty good I think!

First off, my weight. I gained, technically, but It doesn't bother me this week and this is why.
I used to weigh in Friday mornings, first thing, after I went to the bathroom. This time I weighed in late afternoon on a Thursday, and gained 1.8lb. I have read many posts/blogs where people freak out when they WI and they have a gain and it is not their WI day, I have decided to test something out.

Last week I weighed 250.2lb. I got on the scale at my meeting at 430pm and weighed 252. When I got home around 630, I still weighed 252. This morning when I got on the scale at 615 (which would normally be my WI day) I was 250.2lb.....which is a STS compared to last week.

This really shows that you your weight really can fluctuate from day to day. In less than 12 hours I had lost 1.8lb. Last night I didn't even do any exercise. I ate chips and watched TV. Goes to show you that you need to wait for your WI to get an accurate result.

So I am going to take my 1.8lb gain (which is most likely going to make
Jordanna beat me to the first 10lb loss) because I want my WI to be accurate each week. Since I am going to be weighing in at meetings from now on, I am not going to try to cheat myself and the program.

Now for the meeting.
The meeting went pretty good. It was a very small group to what I am used to (only about 10 people).
The meeting was about Positive thinking and talking. Pretty much just that we need to catch ourselves when we are talking negative about our weight loss and turn it into something positive.

Like when you are down on yourself because you only lost 0.5 this week. That is still 0.5 pounds gone from your body. If you were to lose 0.5lb a week for a year that's 26lb gone! It doesn't matter how fast you lose it, just that you are :)

We were told to try to turn out negative thoughts around and turn them into something positive.

Next weeks meeting is about Dancing it off, which I like since I use Dance Dance revolution to help with my weight loss.

I really think that going to the meetings are going to help me a lot. I can be competetive from time to time and I think that part of me comes out when I go to meetings. It's like I want to prove to them that I can lose the weight and do it weekly.
I have a friend of mine that is going to join me at meetings starting next week. She had done WW before and lost 50lb. She never got her lifetime (even though se was a couple pounds away) because with University and money she couldnt keep going, and now she is slowly putting weight back on. I am really happy that she is going to do this with me!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday's Meals

Thursday's Meals

Breakfast: 3
Apple Cinnamon Cheerioes w milk (3)

Lunch: 12
egg (oil) & bagel sandwich (6)
2 turkey pepperettes (2)
grapes (1)
yogurt (1)
100 cal Ah Caramel! (2)

Dinner: TBD

Points used: 15
Points remaining: 17

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tomorrow is the day.....

..................... I go back to meetings.

So last week I was thinking about joining meetings again. I have been doing great on my own, but the first time I did WW I did awesome. I think I need to be with others doing it, actually seeing others going through the same things I am, face to face. So I bought the 16 week membership!!!

I am actually excited to go. The weigh in starts at 430pm, it is about a 15 minute walk from my work, and I am done work at 4pm. It all just works out.

I will still be recording my success from when I re-committed. Even though WW will have a different 10% and what not I will still celebrate my overall success from when I started in July. It the end I am trying to reach the same goal, whether I get the recognition or not ☺

Boston Pizza

So last night I went out for dinner and did pretty good!!!! John and I went out with a couple friends of ours to Boston Pizza. Before we went I looked up the NI and decided on a couple dinners that would be ok to eat points wise for what I had left.

I ate the Chipotle Chicken Caesar Wrap with a garden salad. This was really good and was 12 points. Next time I go I will get the Thai Chicken Wrap which is 9 points.

I love when restaurants have their nutritional information available to the public. It makes going out so much easier.

Wednesday's Food

Breakfast: 6
Smoothie (3)
WW bagel w jam (3)

Lunch: 13
BBQ Pork (4)
Roast potatoes and carrots (3)
grapes (1)
crispers (2)
granola bar (3)

Snack: 2
100 calorie ah! caramel (2)

Dinner: 12
Meatball wrap w cheese (10)
broccoli (0)
1 glass milk (2)

Dessert: 2
Frozen yogurt (2)

Points Used: 32 + 3AP
Points remaining: 0

Monday, September 15, 2008

Food....thats it

Monday's Meals

Breakfast: 6
Weight Watchers bagel w PB (4)
1 cup 1% milk (2)

Snack: 2
Fiber One bar (2)

Lunch: 9
Pancakes w no sugar added syrup (4)
Rice pudding (2)
Green apple (1)
goldfish crackers (2)

Snack: 3
Slimfast Bar (3)

Dinner: 10
BBQ pork chop (6)
Roasted carrots & potatoes w oil (4)

Dessert: 4
Snack cakes (4)

Points used: 32 + 2 flex
Points remaining: 0

Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Weigh In

So today I weighed in and lost another 1.2lb (yay me). It seems low since last week I had a small gain but there is a logical reason to why its low. I WI in the morning so I get up, go to the bathroom and then WI in what I slept in. Usually that is just a tshirt and underwear. Today I WI after I got dressed.

The only reason why I did this is because I am going to start going to meetings soon, and I really don't think they would enjoy it if I walked in wearing just my panties LOL. So I thought I might as well start now weighing in with my clothes on so it's not a big shock when I go in and be shocked with a gain due to clothes.

That's about it for today! at least for now....

Friday's Food

Smoothie (4)
(1/2 cup milk, 1/2 cup ff vanilla yogurt, 1 banana, few frozen berries, 1packet splenda)
2 slice ww Toast with homemade jam (2)

Lunch: 16
1 whole wheat wrap w 2oz chicken breast (4)
salsa & mayo (1)
2oz sweet potato fries (2)
20g goldfish crackers (2)
Sugar Free Jello Rice Pudding (2)
Sweet & Salty Peanut bar (3)
Ketchup (0)
1cup juice (2)
Dinner: TBD
Points Used:22
Points Remaining: 10

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thursday's Food

Thurdays food

Breakfast: 5.5
1 cup 1% milk (2)
1/2 green apple (0.5)
WW bagel with homemade jam (3)

Lunch: 12.5
1/2 cup white rice (2)
1 sticky chicky (3) - ESBM
20g goldfish crackers (2)
1/2 green apple (0.5)
Slim fast muffin bar (3)
yogurt with frozen raspberries (2)

Snack: 2

Thinsations (2)

Dinner: 8
40z chicken (4)
Whole wheat wrap (2)
sweet potato fries (2)

Dessert: 2
Frozen yogurt/sorbet (1 each)

Points used: 30

Points remaining: 2

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy Hump Day..... Meetings?

Today is going pretty darn good!!!

I used my laptop lunch box today and I really like it!
It comes with a 12oz water bottle, and already today I have drank 32oz (4 cups so far). I am going to fill it one more time before I go home from work.
I wasnt 100% sure if the compartments in the lunch box would hold enough, but they definitely do. You can put enough in them so that you have just enough food for the day; not too much and not to less.

So I have been thinking about it for a couple days, and I am thinking about maybe going to meetings after work on Thrusdays. The meeting will be about a 10minute walk from where I work, and then I can bus home (or even walk on nice days). Right now WW is offering no registration fee, and if i commit to 16 weeks, I can go for about 11$ a week. I haven't made my final decision yet, but I am leaning towards doing it. My online membership is paid up until October 28th and the deal WW has has to be used before October 25th (which would be the 23rd) so it would work out nicely.


Hump Day Food

Breakfast: 4
3/4 cup apple cinnamon cheerios (2)
1/2 cup milk (1)
1/2 banana (1)

Lunch: 13
Spaghetti w ground turkey sauce (6)
1/2 yogurt w frozen fruit (2)
8 crispy minis (1)
Caramel Slim fast snack bar (3)
Carrots w 1 tbsp dip (1)

Snack: 1
Green Apple (1)

Dinner: 10
4oz chicken breast (4)
Whole Wheat Tortilla (2)
Salsa (0)
1/2 cup rice (2)
1 cup milk (2)

Dessert: 2
1/4 cup Orange sorbet (1)
1/4 cup Vanilla frozen yogurt (1)

Points Used: 30
Points Remaining: 2

Water: 48oz (32 done)
Activity: 30 minute video

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Goal Rewards!!

I have decided that I need to reward myself for goals that I have reached!!! I am not sure what the Specific goals will be, or what my gifts to myself will be, but I am definitely going to reward myself. I think it will help me strive to achieve.

Time to think now I guess...

Another day.....

So after my small gain and my lack of activity... AGAIN, I have gotten myself back on track. I have pre planned my meals for the entire week (except for a couple dinners that I need to figure out). It makes life so much easier. I plan my entire day except I try leave myself 2-3 points for mistakes, or so I can add a little snack in the middle if I am hungry. By the end of the day I do end up using those points, for dessert, or larger portion for dinner.

My laptop lunch box came yesterday.....except of course I wasnt there to get it. John was sleeping so he didn't hear it come to the door, so it is sitting at the post office right now. I really should send things to work since I know someone will be here. I am really excited to start using this lunch box. Since I have some better lunches planned, I am using many mis-matched containers that I have to kind of squeeze in my current lunch bag some how. I hope this lunch bag makes my life that little bit easier :)

Tuesday's Food

Breakfast: 7
2 slices WW bread w 1 tbsp Peanut butter & banana (5)
1 cup 1% milk (2)

Green Apple (1)

Lunch: 11
Turkey Tacos w 0.5oz cheese (7) - i forgot my salsa :(
carrots & dip (2)
Sugar Free Jello Rice Pudding (2)

Snack: 2
Fiber One Bar (2)

Dinner: 8
Tongue Thai's (ESBM turkey burger) w mango salsa (8)

Dessert: 6

Orange banana milkshake (4)
Pudding (2)

Points Used:32 + 3FP
Points Remaining: 0

Activity: No Activity
Water: 2L

Friday, September 5, 2008

ESBM Review

Hi all. This is just going to be a quick little review of some of the recipes I have made from Eat Shrink and Be Merry so far.

Sticky Chicky
Very very easy to make. You literally throw everything into a bowl, mix, and pour over the chicken. I didn't use the bbq sauce it suggested as I did not have that flavour, but you can use any flavour you want, even change it up each time you make it.
The only problem I had with this recipe is that its huge. It makes 8 servings (2 chicken thighs per serving). Next time I will half the recipe and cook it in a smaller dish.
I made this with some rice and steamed broccoli

Tongue Thai'd
These were the best turkey burgers I have ever had!!!! Well I think they are the only turkey burgers I have ever had, but they were really good. The thai flavour with the turkey was amazing.
I did not have all of the ingredients that were listed so I had to improvise. I did not have any peanut sauce, so I mixed some peanut butter with olive oil. Because of this I did not have enough sauce to baste the burgers so it all went into the actual patty mixture.
The recipe says to make 6 burgers. Because they don't shrink when you cook them (because there is pretty much no fat in the meat) I think you could get away with making the burgers smaller and maybe doing 8 or more.
I ate 2 of these burgers. One I only put a litte bbq sauce on top, the other i put mango salsa on it which compliments the mean nicely.

One Loaf to Love
Another good and easy meal. The flavour that this meat was is wonderful. There is a lot of different things added to this meal to give it great flavour. I had to modify this slightly as I did not have fresh parsley, so I added 1/2 the amount of dried.
The only issue I had with this was that it was too moist, kind of a little mushy. This very well could have been my fault as I forgot to add the egg (oops!). I also did not cut up the onions small enough so they were not cooked fully through. I will definitely make this again and make sure I do it properly.

Friday's WI

Well it's friday and I think Jordanna has got me this week. LOL
I am up 0.2lb, but honestly, it doesn't bother me. Not only is TOM here, I didn't stay OP during my extra long weekend.

This week I am going to do a hell of a lot better. I need to get back into being active every single day! Today I am doing my cardio video after I take my dog for a long walk (well as long as he will go as he's little and can't always walk far).

I'm actually getting excited for my lunch box!!!! I got a conformation email last night saying that it was shipped. I wish I ordered it a day earlier though as it will probably not make it to me today, and it's the weekend tomorrow.

Friday's Food

Breakfast: 6
1 cup 1% milk (2)
2 slice WW toast w PB&J (4)

Snack: 2
Fiber One bar (2)

Lunch: 7
All you kneed is Loaf - ESBM (6)
1/2 cup Boiled potatoes (1)
1/2 cup Cooked Carrots (0)

Snack: 3
Thinsations (2)
yogurt (1)

Dinner: TBD
I really don't feel like cooking tonight so I may get take out....or see whats lurking in the freezer.

Points Used: 18
Points Remaining: 14

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Laptop Lunch

After reading Jordanna's blog I realised that I need a better lunch system. I have a lunch bag but its kind of bulky, and I have to find containers that fit properly in it.

Jordanna has the Mr. Bento which is what I was looking to get, but the shipping to get it here is too expensive. She suggested to me the Laptop Lunch Box and I purchased it today :) I am hoping that this will help me with my lunch choices and organization.

This is the exact one that I ordered.

This lunch box is BPA free which is a good thing since BPA found in plastics has been shown to be not so good for our health. I also work for the School of Environmental Studies at a University, and they are very big on recyclables and reusable items so now I will fit right in. I hope it arrives in soon.

Thursday's Meals

Breakfast: 5.5
1/2 cup cinnamon Life cereal (1.5)
1/2 cup milk (1)
Raspberry Smoothie (3)

Snack: 3
Kashi Granola Bar (3)

Lunch: 10
Thai Turkey Burger on Whole weat bun (8) - ESBM
Mango Salsa (0)
apple (1)
Source Dessert Yogurt (1)

Snack: 2
Fat Free Tapioca Pudding (2)

Dinner: 7
Meatloaf (4) - ESBM
boiled potato (2)
cooked carrots (1)

Points Used:27.5
Points Remaining: 4.5

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Extra Long Weekend

So this weekend was 4 days for me as I took Tuesday off as well. It went....well.....blah!!
I didn't do very well at all. At first I was trying to eat good, but I never tracked a thing. I haven't tracked since Friday and it is now Wednesday (EEEEK!).
I did not ride my bike and I did not work out.

John and I went to Sandbanks yesterday (it's a beach for those of you who may not know), and it was WONDERFUL!!!!! Because it was the first day of school, the beach was pretty much empty and I loved it. The weather was great! It wasn't too hot, there was a nice breeze, the water was a perfect temperature. John and I did play Frisbee on the beach and in the water so I did get a small amount of activity there, and I finished it off with pizza. I know it wasn't the best choice, but who wants to cook after a day at the beach? Right? RIGHT????...... well at least that's the excuse I'm using.

So I have 2 days before I weigh in and I have to get my act together, quickly. I was doing so well the last couple weeks and I don't want its to go to waste. I am back to tracking and back to eating right. I also have to beat Jordanna at this weight loss :)

Wednesday's Food

Breakfast: 3
Fruit Smoothie(3)
(1/2 cup strawberry banana yogurt, 1/2 cup 1% milk, 1 cup frozen raspberries)

Snack: 4
Fiber One Bar
Green Apple

Lunch: 5
Apple Cinnamon Instant Oatmeal(2)
Blue Menu Ranch Dressing(2)

Dinner: 18
I want to make turkey burgers but that would mean going to the store after work.
2 Turkey Burgers w Mango Salsa (16)
Juice (2)

Points Used: 31
Points Remaining: 1

Friday, August 29, 2008


Jordanna and I decided that to keep ourselves motivated for the next 4 months, we are going to make this weightloss into a fun competition.

We each want to lose 30lb by christmas so we decided that we will do this 10lb at a time. Who ever reaches each 10lb first gets bragging rights :) and at the end the winner will get a prize (have yet to decide what it will be).

I think this will be really fun and keep me really motivated!

I guess its Ontario vs Alberta.............. GAME ON!!

Friday's Food

So I am not sure how many points dinner is going to be as its Thai/Cambodian food....so I may be using some flex :)

Breakfast: 6
1 cup Kashi Honey Puff Cereal (2)
1 Banana (2)
1 cup Milk (2)

Lunch: 6
WW Bagel (2)
Tuna w mayo (2)
25g mini rice cakes (2)

Snack: 2
Green apple (1)
Yogurt (1)

This leaves 18 points for dinner and possibly something for dessert :)

Made my First Mini Goal!

So I weighed in today and I have made my first mini goal!!! YAY! I had set a goal at the beginning of this month to lose 5lb by labour day. Today was my last WI before labour day and not only did I lose 2.1lb, I have passed the 5lb goal I made. I lost 6.1lb this month!!! On top of that, I re-joined WW 8 weeks ago and I have lost my first 10lb :)

To keep myself on track I think I am going to set some more mini goals. Right now I already have a goal to lose 30 by xmas (have 20lb to go), so I think I will set the goal of 15lb by Hallowe'en. This should keep me on track for Christmas.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Planning Ahead

I have noticed that in the past, when I planned my meals ahead of time, I did a much better job staying OP. Yesterday I tried to plan the next 3 days of meals. It really makes everything much easier when you know ahread of time what you are "allowed" to eat. Writing everything down ahead of time makes it harder to snack. :)

This is what I have so far:

Wednesday's Meals

Breakfast: 7
Quaker instant oatmeal (3)
Banana (2)
1 cup 1% milk (2)

Snack: 2
Fibre Source Bar (2)

Lunch: 4
Tuna sanwich on WW bread (2)
raw carrots and borccoli (0)
2 tbsp blue menu ranch dressing (2)

Snack: 1
Yogurt (1)

2nd Lunch: 4
2 slice WW bread & homemade jam (2)
1 cup juice (2)

Dinner: 12
3 oz Oven roast (5)
1 cup boiled potatoes (2)
1 cup cooked carrots (1)
gravy (4)

1/2 cup vanilla frozen yogurt (2)

Total Points:32

Thursday's Meals

Breakfast: 6.5
1 slice WW bread (0.5)
1 tbsp peanut butter (2)
banana (2)
1 cup 1% milk (2)

Snack: 3
Kashi Granola bar (3)

Lunch: 2
Tuna sandwich with WW bread (2)
**fruit or veggie of some sort**

Snack: 7
yogurt (1)
Tim Hortons steeped Tea w milk (1)
Honey Dipped donut (5)

Dinner: 10
2 WW wraps (2)
4oz Chicken breast (4)
tomato and salsa (0)
1/2 cup rice (2)
1 cup 1% milk (2)

Dessert: 2
1/2 cup frozen yogurt (2)

Total Points: 30.5

Friday's Meals

Breakfast: 6
1 cup cereal (3)
1/2 cup 1% milk (1)
banana (2)

Tuna sandwich with WW bread (2)
Apple (1)