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Weight Loss

Friday, November 21, 2008

Change to the Program

For those of you who may not have heard yet, but the WW program is changing the week of December 7. So like many other people I have been curious and VERY impatient, so I have tried to hunt down some information ahead of time. My leader told me that it is the biggest change since the introduction of Core, so I needed to know.

This is what I have found:
The Momentum Plan
This seems very much like core as it focuses on certain foods, and the foods are those that will fulfil your hunger needs and keep you satisfied. The food list will be different than core though.

This is a cookbook that I found on Amazon. On the front cover there is a pink label that says that it has Points and Momentum plan recipes.

I am hoping this is something I can try. I have never tried Core as there are so many things that I don't like to eat that are core foods, that I would have a hard time surviving off of my 35 flex points. I also want to add that I am not saying that this is 100% what the program changes will be, but this is some info I have found and thought I should pass it on.


Carolyn said...

thanks 4 this.... interesting!

Natasha said...

Very interesting. I wasn't aware that anything was changing!!

Lisa aka water_nymph said...

oh boy..thanks for sharing!!! here's to momentum..can only be a good thing right?

CONGRATS (although late on my part) on your amazing loss!!

Roni said...

WOW Great write up! Love the blog!

luccy said...

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