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Weight Loss

Friday, November 28, 2008

TV is the Devil!

So I didn't go WI last night when I probably should have. Instead I cleaned the kitchen, made a healthy dinner and worked out for 30 minutes.
I think that because I did something to help in the weight loss that it was OK for me to miss the meeting. At least that's what I am telling myself. I have only missed 2 meetings so far in 12 weeks, but one of them was because I was taking care of my mom who had surgery.

Although I did not go in for an official WI, I did weigh myself at home. I know it is pretty accurate because I always weigh myself at home before I go to meetings and the the most t has ever been off is 0.2lb.

Anyways....I WI at home and i was up +0.2lb. That I can handle. TOM had arrived, and the large amounts of sodium and the lack of water could have been the reason. Either way it was a gain and I have moved on from it.

I realized last night that TV is the devil....yup the devil!!!
I usually get home at about 420pm and take the dog for a walk, then have a small snack. After that its just about 500pm and Judge Judy is on. It's like she just sucks me in and makes me watch her!! Well last night it wasn't on (Football was on), and there is nothing else on at that time, so that is when I worked out. I almost always choose TV over working out....and I need to stop doing that. I need to train myself to not even turn the TV on when I get home, and leave it off until I get a workout it. It's only 30 minutes of my life without TV and you think it would be easy. I think I will add that to my December goals.....NO TV until workout is complete!

So my goals for December (which are also on the WW.ca board)

30 min of activity @least 4days/week
plan all meals @least 4days/week
track everyday
eat 5 fruit/veggie a day
STS @ Jan2 WI
No TV until workout complete


Vanessa said...

That is exactly why I don't have cable! :) Stupid TV.

Natasha said...

TV is the devil. It keeps me from doing oh so many things. I got rid of my cable, but I seem to have replaced it with a stack of DVDs. Hmm....

Your December goals are great. Good luck with them!

Emi said...

I'm glad someone else has figured out the evil that is TV! Every night I get home and I tell myself I'm going to the gym, and then I see TV! Judge Judy is the worst of all tv evil! I say all this but I still truly love it :(

Lisa aka water_nymph said...

those sound like some great goals!! realistic too:) you can do it!

butterfly said...

Ha ha, TV truly is the devil- lures me in every time!

Totally wicked goals!

Thank you for posting about the WW changes! Curiosity is my middle name after all!

Jordanna said...

Court TV gets me every time.

Good luck with your December goals, you can do it :)