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Weight Loss

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Feeling Iffy

So my WI is tomorrow and I am not feeling so hot about it. I have re commited to tracking and have tried to be more active this week, But today i did not do so well on the food thing. Not only did I have a piece of cake, but I also had a donut from Timmy's....UGH!! I guess I will just have to move on. I am determined to lose this weight!!!! No matter what, next weeks WI is going to be uch much much better!!!!!!!

Wednesday's Meals

Breakfast: Fibre 1 Honey CLusters w 1% milk (4)
Snack: Slim fast snack bar, Cake (10)
Lunch: *leftovers* Campbells Fiesta Chicken Casserole (8)
Snack: Tim Hortons Steeped Tea & Donut (6)
Dinner: Beef Stew w Bread (9)

Activity: 45 minute DDR (+6)

Total: 31 YAY Me!! I thought I went over! Good thing I got off my butt and got active.


harry said...

There are a number of weight loss diet programs that have been developed to help those who want to lose weight

Krista said...

Good luck with your WI.

It's a nice surprise when you feel like you've slipped but end up not going over your points!