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Weight Loss

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Month....New Start


Now that I am done feeling crappy about my loss, and re-evaluating everything, I am going to act like like I am starting over.

I lost no weight in September and it made me really frustrated with myself and my progress. I decided yesterday to just suck it up and start again. I am starting October like nothing had happened last month. September didn't exist. I weigh in tomorrow, but I will not let this one bother me if it is not good because I know i wasn't 100% this last week. I am going to be 100% this month and on.

Now for my challenge with Jordanna. I have 2 weigh ins before October 10th where I was aiming to lose 10lb. I do not see myself reaching this goal, but I am still going to work hard and try. I am still going to try to lose 30lb by the end of the year which is about 2.3 lb per week. It is a high goal but I am going to try.

October Goals

  • minimum of 150 minutes of activity a week (that's about 30 minutes 5 days a week)
  • drink minimum 6 glasses H2O a day
  • track every single thing I eat
  • do NOT eat out more than once a week
  • No evening snacks unless planned
  • Plan my meals out ahead of time


Jordanna said...


Glad you're back...I thought maybe the junk food monsters had taken you to the dark side for good!

I still think we should aim for our goal of 30 lbs by Christmas and see what happens! Even if we don't make it, we'll still be better off! Besides, I'm only 2.5 lbs ahead of you right now so we're in the same boat!

Lets re-commit, and kick this challenge in the butt!

Oh and I was walking my dog and a cat came running around the corner and she took off after it and my finger was all caught in the leash - thus, broken finger. (we're putting her in obedience training to avoid future mishaps!)

Heather's Journey said...

Yay glad to have u back... I have missed your post!
New Month, New Start... Let's do it!

Lisa aka water_nymph said...

yay! you are back:)

New Month, New Start..let's Kick It!!!