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Weight Loss

Friday, November 14, 2008

Why do I do this to myself

So yup, last week was great as I lost 2.4lb...........this week not so good.
I STS. I know many people say "don't worry its better than a gain" except I cannot accept that.
If i had put the effort forward and got the sts then OK, but that is not really how it happened. I didn't put the effort in, ate things should have, pretty sure I went over points some days (I really don't know since I didn't track every day).

The week I lost the 2.4 I didn't stay for the meeting (mom had surgery and I had to care for her), but I wish that I did. I think it may have kept me a little more motivated this last week. The meeting last night has got me thinking more and my determination is up and I WILL do better this week!!!!

On another note, a couple months ago I posted about some symptoms I have been having and that I made a doctors appointment to get checked to see what may be causing it. Tuesday I went in for some blood work where they are checking my thyroid and hemoglobin. Since they are already removing the blood from me, they are testing a few other things like my cholesterol (and other things I cant remember). I kind of that feeling like "i hope nothings wrong" because I don't want to have something wrong with me, but on the other hand I want something to be wrong with me that is fixable, otherwise I have these symptoms and nothing I can do about it. I get the results on Wednesday.

Last........I keep sitting here and wondering what the new changes are going to be on the WW program. My leader and the receptionist last night were saying that this is the biggest change in a long time....hmmmm.
The receptionist was saying that she felt so weird, because she is telling new people how the program works, knowing that what she is saying is going to change in a matter of a couple weeks. As long as it doesn't give me more points to eat (like it did on the last change 2 years ago) then I think I am OK with that.


Lisa aka water_nymph said...

a STS is reasonable and something to be happy about with the week you had!!!

here's hoping that the new program works for us!!


Carolyn said...

More changes huh? I knwo with us they threw us this "Quick Start" thing... but that was literally a year ago, so it was fine.
I find myself if I go to meetings, I have tha tfresh "I can do this" feeling in my head. I know and have accepted that I will be a lifer.. in other words, onc eI hit maintenance, I will keep going,at least bi-weekly to meetings, because it keeps me on track.
Tracking is hard... especially fi you dont' want to behonest. It's hard to be hoenst sometimes... but we can do it!