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Weight Loss

Friday, August 29, 2008

Made my First Mini Goal!

So I weighed in today and I have made my first mini goal!!! YAY! I had set a goal at the beginning of this month to lose 5lb by labour day. Today was my last WI before labour day and not only did I lose 2.1lb, I have passed the 5lb goal I made. I lost 6.1lb this month!!! On top of that, I re-joined WW 8 weeks ago and I have lost my first 10lb :)

To keep myself on track I think I am going to set some more mini goals. Right now I already have a goal to lose 30 by xmas (have 20lb to go), so I think I will set the goal of 15lb by Hallowe'en. This should keep me on track for Christmas.


Natasha said...

Yay! Congrats!

Jordanna said...

Woohoooooo! Congratulations!! Doesn't that just feel great :)

Keep Up the good work!!

I'm doing a similar challenge to you - 30 by Christmas with a few mini-goals in there :) We should make it a little contest as motivation :)

Heather's Journey said...

YYAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY! Way to go girl. I am sooooo proud of u. Keep it up girl. U can do it.

Jordanna said...

For the contest:

1. We could just see who can lose 10 lbs the fastest (and the winner has bragging rights on their blog lol), or

2. We could do something like who ever loses the contest has to send the other person a low fat cook book or a tim hortons gift certificate or something or

3. We could just encourage each other to get to that 10 lb mark, 20 lb mark and all the way to 30 lbs by Christmas or something.

4. Or a combination like have little mini contests for each set of 10 lbs between now and Christmas and then at the end who ever has lost the most weight, the other one has to send them a prize or something....

Anyway it's just something to think about. It kind of gives us some fun while losing weight!

heather said...

That is awesome. Its so great to reach a goal did they make you get up at your meeting?

Jordanna said...

I like the idea of the fourth one as well, I think it would be fun.

So - we both want to lose 30 lbs before Christmas and all I did was divide it out by about 3 equal periods of time (about 40 days) to lose each set of 10 lbs...but if you want to do the first one for Halloween (2 months from now) that works too! But then we'd only have 2 months to lose the other 20 lbs...let me know how you'd like to do it. :)