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Weight Loss

Friday, December 12, 2008

So it has been a while since I have posted anything here....i need to make myself write more often.

So whats new with me......
I have changed my WI days from Thursday evening to Mondays at lunch....EEK!!!
The reason I am doing this is that there is a WW @work offered here, and a woman that I work with attends them, so I thought I would join her.
The weigh ins and meetings are fit within the hour (12-1) and we bring our lunches to eat during the meeting. So it works for me.

So last week I WI on Thursday at 247.0
Monday that just passed I WI at 245.5 yay me!!

I know it was only 4 days, and i was a little iffy about it. Last night I hopped on my scale at about the time that I would have WI at the meetings and I weighed the same as I did on Monday. My scale weighs me pretty much the same as the meeting one so I was happy to accept the 1.5 loss from Monday a true loss. I was also quite happy that from Monday - Thursday I weighed the same since Tuesday afternoon we had our department holiday lunch, and Wednesday I have KFC. I did track everything I ate, and the holiday lunch was a buffet and I only went up once. I am quite happy with my progress.

I haven't been able to get any activity in about 2 weeks.
I got sick 2 weekends ago to the point where I could barely function.
By Monday I was OK and got 1 hour of DDR in....then I hurt my back wrapping presents.
Felt better by Friday and did 30 minutes Biggest Loser DVD.
Saturday fell down the stairs while carrying laundry and injured my tailbone. This made it extremely uncomfortable to sit, walk, lay down....well pretty much any movement.
It is now Friday and its better, but it still hurts to sit and squat.
I really want to get more activity in, but its really hard when you are injured.


Jordanna said...

Yay for your loss!! Congrats on sticking with it. We can do this

MeltingLisa said...

Well done on the loss Nikisha! So pleased he scale is moving down for you again.

I hear you on the ativity side of things :( Since I fell on the ice I have not got any in, but we still going down, and can ramp things up when we are better :)

Carolyn said...

Hey there!
Good loss! Support wil lhelp you, you'll see!
interestign with some of these changes to the WW plan, eh? Some of them concern me a little... we'll see. I am just getting bored I think, so maybe it's what I needed!
Any activity is better than none! MAybe go for a walk? KEPE AT ER!