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Weight Loss

Friday, October 17, 2008

Not related to WW but......TAG!!

So I was tagged by Jordanna and I have to post 6 things interesting about myself. Well I can think of 4 right now so I will put those and when I think if more I will add.

1) I am half Jamaican. My dad was born and raised in Jamaica and came to Canada in his late teens.

2) I am messy organized person. Yes sounds odd so here is why. My Cd's, DVDs and many other things need to be in order by alphabet or date and I get really annoyed when they are moved. I also make lists for everything. I have post-its all over my desk with lists, books with lists, I just need things written down and organized. I am messy because I just am. My desk is messy, my house is messy, I have always been messy.

3) I wear woman's 12W shoes and Payless is my best friend. Yes I am a giant.

4) I hate chocolate ice cream, shakes, fudge, syrup and cake. No I do not just dislike them, I HATE them.

5) I love buying new gadgets/electronics. If I wasn't so broke I would own more. John & I each own a laptop, plus a desktop and we each have an MP3 Player. There are only two of us and we own 3 TVs (plus a 4Th which is at my moms) and 2 DVD Players. We have a Nintendo Game cube and Wii, PlayStation 1&2, and if we could afford it we would have an XBOX360. We have 2 digital cameras and I right now want a GPS and a video camera (good thing we are getting married in 8 months)

so I am TAGGING the following people:
Defying Gravity (water nymph)

anyone else who wants to join


Lisa aka water_nymph said...

hey honey!
thanks for the tag:) I did it lol!!

Um. HATE chocolate? It's ok, i seem to have no problem eating your share;)