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Weight Loss

Friday, October 24, 2008

Thanksgiving Kills You!

SO i have been reading many peoples blogs, and posts in forums and I have noticed that Thanksgiving just ruins weight loss for people. Its like people fall off the wagon during the holiday, and they struggle and fight to get back on it for weeks to follow. I admit I am one of these people.

The last Day that I tracked everything was Wednesday October 8.

Horrible I know!!! It was the day before WI day, and the WI before thanksgiving and from there it was downhill. I fell off the wagon as it was going down a bumpy hill and I just rolled down, not being able to get back on.

I really hate that I can lose motivation so easily. I don't have any fears or feelings that I cannot succeed, because I know I can. I think I just get bored with things easily then I just stop trying. I like things to be set and structured, and I cant get this weight loss progress to be like that. If things are not scheduled, I will find a way to not do them.

I also have a hard time with talking myself into doing things. If I can find the smallest reason why not to workout, I cant seem to talk myself into doing it. That small thought of laziness will prevail!

I really just have to make this more of a priority than I have been. I had a goal of 15lb to lose by Halloween, it is now Oct 24 and I have lost 2. The end of the year is in less than 2 months and I wanted to lose 30 by then. That's 3lb a week!!!! I need to get back into this!

Today I have started tracking again, and I am planning on working out as well. This is a priority and a necessity to my health!

Today's Food

Fiber 1 Honey clusters cereal w 1% milk

1 cup Campbells Healthy Request Soup
Raw Carrots
Banana Bread
Rice Pudding

1 Rice cake w peanut butter
1 cup apple juice

Breaded pork tenderloin chops
Fried potaotes (oil)
1 cup milk

1 Slice lemon diet pop cake
1/2 frozen yogurt

Total: 31 + 2 flex


Lisa aka water_nymph said...

i'm SOO glad you started tracking again, as that was the only advice i could give you. Start. Right Now.


and btw, i know, i know, how much it sucks to set a goal and not reach it.

But you LOST 2 lbs, you haven't GAINED 2lbs!! Moving forward honey, moving forward!

Carolyn said...

tracking sucks, but it's the only way. today's my first day back tracking after 3 weeks of doing whatever I wanted and eating whatever I wanted... not easy. But one thing at a time. But as for talking yourself out of things, man, I am QUEEN! The only way i could start exercising was well, two ways actually...
1) go with a buddy. if she/he wants to go, you HAVE to go, beacuse you're accountable to someone you care about (sad to say we don't care about ourselves enough, but c'est la vie
2) just DO IT! listen to those stupid jack butt commercials and just dont' think. If I wake up in the morning and think, "I"m gonna go for a run" I immediately think of getting all sweaty, then stripping off my gross clothes, and then having to shower, then dry my hair... well poo! I"m defeated before starting! Bu tjust doing it gets us going. I just say "I"m just gonna put on my exercise bra" and bam! I'm done my workout!