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Weight Loss

Friday, December 12, 2008

So it has been a while since I have posted anything here....i need to make myself write more often.

So whats new with me......
I have changed my WI days from Thursday evening to Mondays at lunch....EEK!!!
The reason I am doing this is that there is a WW @work offered here, and a woman that I work with attends them, so I thought I would join her.
The weigh ins and meetings are fit within the hour (12-1) and we bring our lunches to eat during the meeting. So it works for me.

So last week I WI on Thursday at 247.0
Monday that just passed I WI at 245.5 yay me!!

I know it was only 4 days, and i was a little iffy about it. Last night I hopped on my scale at about the time that I would have WI at the meetings and I weighed the same as I did on Monday. My scale weighs me pretty much the same as the meeting one so I was happy to accept the 1.5 loss from Monday a true loss. I was also quite happy that from Monday - Thursday I weighed the same since Tuesday afternoon we had our department holiday lunch, and Wednesday I have KFC. I did track everything I ate, and the holiday lunch was a buffet and I only went up once. I am quite happy with my progress.

I haven't been able to get any activity in about 2 weeks.
I got sick 2 weekends ago to the point where I could barely function.
By Monday I was OK and got 1 hour of DDR in....then I hurt my back wrapping presents.
Felt better by Friday and did 30 minutes Biggest Loser DVD.
Saturday fell down the stairs while carrying laundry and injured my tailbone. This made it extremely uncomfortable to sit, walk, lay down....well pretty much any movement.
It is now Friday and its better, but it still hurts to sit and squat.
I really want to get more activity in, but its really hard when you are injured.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Momentum Plan

So the new WW plan has arrived (online), and I think i like it. No big changes but some good ones. Below is some info from WW that are different with this new program that wasnt part of the old. This is not how it was written on the site, i just copied some if the info.

The Momentum™ plan is built on a proven method for weight-loss success: burn more calories than you take in. Weight Watchers will guide you towards wise food choices, choices that will help you stay satisfied. And you’ll learn to be aware of those choices by tracking the foods you eat.
The plan centers around four basic concepts that help you choose wisely
The POINTS® System
Filling Foods
The Good Health Guidelines
The weekly POINTS Allowance

Not all POINTS values are equal. Filling Foods keep you satisfied even as you’re taking in fewer calories, so you can lose weight. They’re great sources of protein or other elements that fill you up and keep you satisfied. Using your POINTS ® values on foods from the Filling Foods List will help you stay full throughout the day.

What are Filling Foods?
People tend to eat the same volume of food each day— by filling their stomachs with food, they avoid feelings of hunger. Some foods — Filling Foods — help keep you full longer, and fill you up on fewer calories. By incorporating Filling Foods into your meals, you’ll learn to stretch your POINTS values and make better choices.

Why eat Filling Foods?
Knowing the POINTS values of foods will help you make smart choices. Sometimes, though, foods have low POINTS values, but lack staying power. Five jelly beans, for example, have a POINTS value of 1. But how effectively will jelly beans keep you feeling satisfied? Before long, you may need another snack, for more POINTS values. On the other hand, one slice of low-fat or fat-free cheese has 1 POINTS value, and is a Filling Food. This means you probably will be satisfied for longer.
Filling Foods, on the other hand, keep hunger at bay longer. They’re great sources of protein; or they’re packed with water and fibre— elements that fill you up and keep you satisfied. Choose foods from the Filling Foods List in the
Plan Manager and you’ll stay more satisfied throughout the day.

The Simply Filling Technique
Because tracking is not a fit for everybody, we also have the Simply Filling technique. You can eat as much as you want from the Filling Foods List – as long as you remain aware of your hunger levels and choose wisely.

Tracking Alternatives
If tracking is just not working for you, the MomentumTM plan offers an alternative: The Simply Filling technique. This allows you to eat certain foods without tracking. As long as you stay aware of your hunger signals, you won’t be in danger of overeating.

Another way to keep track: Simply Filling
Tracking is our preferred way of maintaining control, but some people just aren’t wired for it.So we have another technique: Simply Filling. Simply Filling requires that you give up some flexibility in your choices and requests, and that you rely more on listening to your body’s signals — those signals are how you’ll maintain control. In exchange, you don’t have to track POINTS® values.

How Simply Filling works
The Simply Filling technique will work to help you lose weight, because the science behind Filling Foods – they’re usually filled with protein, fiber, and water — will prevent you from overeating. It’s like being accountable to your body’s signals, instead of to your POINTS Tracker. And if you don’t like it, you can always switch back to tracking.

SetPOINTS Values
Eating away from home can make estimating portion sizes a challenge. That’s why Weight Watchers has established a SetPOINTS value for certain foods. Instead of estimating portions to track POINTS values, you can simplify by eating whatever portion seems reasonable, and tracking the appropriate SetPOINTS value instead.

Foods with SetPOINTS values

Foods with SetPOINTS values are Filling Foods that are generally high in water and fiber. Since they fill you up faster, you can be confident that you won’t overeat them. As long as you listen to your body’s hunger signals and maintain awareness, you will be fine.

How SetPOINTS values work
At any meal, eat one of the SetPOINTS values foods — however much feels like a sensible portion to you. Stay mindful of your hunger signals. Stop eating when you feel satisfied. When you track the POINTS value of that food, use the SetPOINTS value, no matter how big your portion ends up being. Continue following the plan as usual, using your weekly POINTS Allowance and swapping activity POINTS values for food as you see fit.

The rules:

  • Meet your daily POINTS Target
  • Continue using your weekly POINTS Allowance and swapping activity POINTS values as you normally do.
  • Assign the SetPOINTS values to only one food within a category (So, if you’re eating surf and turf with lean steak and shrimp, count the SetPOINTS value twice.)
  • Count SetPOINTS values per meal, without extending portions into other meals. (So, if you have lean steak for both lunch and dinner, count the SetPOINTS value twice.)
  • Consciously assess signals as you eat. Eat what feels like a normal portion to you, but avoid eating so much that you feel stuffed.

Swapping activity POINTS values for food
You can swap the activity POINTS values you earn for extra food POINTS values_for times you need an extra treat. You may lose more weight if you don’t use them, but using them doesn’t eliminate your potential to lose weight. The only rule is that swapped activity POINTS values must be used within the week that you earned them

The Filling Foods list and the Core foods list are very similar, but not identical. For example, condiments and healthy oils are not on the filling foods list.
So besides this, the program has pretty much stayed the same. Flex people still track like they always have. Core people still have a list of food that they eat for free.

I think I will enjoy these changes.


So the new momentum plan was released online yesterday. A little early so many people are confused.....but it looks good to me!

thats all :)