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Weight Loss

Friday, September 19, 2008

My First Meeting

Well I went back to meetings last night and it went pretty good I think!

First off, my weight. I gained, technically, but It doesn't bother me this week and this is why.
I used to weigh in Friday mornings, first thing, after I went to the bathroom. This time I weighed in late afternoon on a Thursday, and gained 1.8lb. I have read many posts/blogs where people freak out when they WI and they have a gain and it is not their WI day, I have decided to test something out.

Last week I weighed 250.2lb. I got on the scale at my meeting at 430pm and weighed 252. When I got home around 630, I still weighed 252. This morning when I got on the scale at 615 (which would normally be my WI day) I was 250.2lb.....which is a STS compared to last week.

This really shows that you your weight really can fluctuate from day to day. In less than 12 hours I had lost 1.8lb. Last night I didn't even do any exercise. I ate chips and watched TV. Goes to show you that you need to wait for your WI to get an accurate result.

So I am going to take my 1.8lb gain (which is most likely going to make
Jordanna beat me to the first 10lb loss) because I want my WI to be accurate each week. Since I am going to be weighing in at meetings from now on, I am not going to try to cheat myself and the program.

Now for the meeting.
The meeting went pretty good. It was a very small group to what I am used to (only about 10 people).
The meeting was about Positive thinking and talking. Pretty much just that we need to catch ourselves when we are talking negative about our weight loss and turn it into something positive.

Like when you are down on yourself because you only lost 0.5 this week. That is still 0.5 pounds gone from your body. If you were to lose 0.5lb a week for a year that's 26lb gone! It doesn't matter how fast you lose it, just that you are :)

We were told to try to turn out negative thoughts around and turn them into something positive.

Next weeks meeting is about Dancing it off, which I like since I use Dance Dance revolution to help with my weight loss.

I really think that going to the meetings are going to help me a lot. I can be competetive from time to time and I think that part of me comes out when I go to meetings. It's like I want to prove to them that I can lose the weight and do it weekly.
I have a friend of mine that is going to join me at meetings starting next week. She had done WW before and lost 50lb. She never got her lifetime (even though se was a couple pounds away) because with University and money she couldnt keep going, and now she is slowly putting weight back on. I am really happy that she is going to do this with me!!


Jordanna said...

Yay for going back to meetings. I used to love my meetings - except that they were on Saturday mornings...

I'm sure that because of weighing in at the end of the day rather than the beginning, and wearing clothes etc. was what caused the "gain" but you'll do amazing next week because of it.

Good luck staying on program this weekend - aren't they the hardest!! If I could be good all weekend like I am during the week I'd probably have lost another 20 lbs by now lol.

Carolyn said...

strength in numbers, taht's for sure! The more you have support, the easier it is!
YOu're right about weighing yourself at different times of the day. Always happens with me. Don't sweat it... if you're not in a hurry, the numbers will show results! I Promise!

Lisa aka water_nymph said...

fabulous attitude!! I'm so stoked that you went and you enjoyed it and had the best attitude about the gain - a realistic attitude!! Nothing is going to throw YOU off tracks, i can tell:)


Krista said...

Way to get your butt to that meeting. That is actually the meeting that I used to go to. Is Nancy still the leader?? Right now I'm doing it on my own. I go through spurts of going to meetings and doing it on my own. I'm sure I'll end up back there sooner or later.