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Weight Loss

Friday, August 29, 2008


Jordanna and I decided that to keep ourselves motivated for the next 4 months, we are going to make this weightloss into a fun competition.

We each want to lose 30lb by christmas so we decided that we will do this 10lb at a time. Who ever reaches each 10lb first gets bragging rights :) and at the end the winner will get a prize (have yet to decide what it will be).

I think this will be really fun and keep me really motivated!

I guess its Ontario vs Alberta.............. GAME ON!!

Friday's Food

So I am not sure how many points dinner is going to be as its Thai/Cambodian food....so I may be using some flex :)

Breakfast: 6
1 cup Kashi Honey Puff Cereal (2)
1 Banana (2)
1 cup Milk (2)

Lunch: 6
WW Bagel (2)
Tuna w mayo (2)
25g mini rice cakes (2)

Snack: 2
Green apple (1)
Yogurt (1)

This leaves 18 points for dinner and possibly something for dessert :)

Made my First Mini Goal!

So I weighed in today and I have made my first mini goal!!! YAY! I had set a goal at the beginning of this month to lose 5lb by labour day. Today was my last WI before labour day and not only did I lose 2.1lb, I have passed the 5lb goal I made. I lost 6.1lb this month!!! On top of that, I re-joined WW 8 weeks ago and I have lost my first 10lb :)

To keep myself on track I think I am going to set some more mini goals. Right now I already have a goal to lose 30 by xmas (have 20lb to go), so I think I will set the goal of 15lb by Hallowe'en. This should keep me on track for Christmas.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Planning Ahead

I have noticed that in the past, when I planned my meals ahead of time, I did a much better job staying OP. Yesterday I tried to plan the next 3 days of meals. It really makes everything much easier when you know ahread of time what you are "allowed" to eat. Writing everything down ahead of time makes it harder to snack. :)

This is what I have so far:

Wednesday's Meals

Breakfast: 7
Quaker instant oatmeal (3)
Banana (2)
1 cup 1% milk (2)

Snack: 2
Fibre Source Bar (2)

Lunch: 4
Tuna sanwich on WW bread (2)
raw carrots and borccoli (0)
2 tbsp blue menu ranch dressing (2)

Snack: 1
Yogurt (1)

2nd Lunch: 4
2 slice WW bread & homemade jam (2)
1 cup juice (2)

Dinner: 12
3 oz Oven roast (5)
1 cup boiled potatoes (2)
1 cup cooked carrots (1)
gravy (4)

1/2 cup vanilla frozen yogurt (2)

Total Points:32

Thursday's Meals

Breakfast: 6.5
1 slice WW bread (0.5)
1 tbsp peanut butter (2)
banana (2)
1 cup 1% milk (2)

Snack: 3
Kashi Granola bar (3)

Lunch: 2
Tuna sandwich with WW bread (2)
**fruit or veggie of some sort**

Snack: 7
yogurt (1)
Tim Hortons steeped Tea w milk (1)
Honey Dipped donut (5)

Dinner: 10
2 WW wraps (2)
4oz Chicken breast (4)
tomato and salsa (0)
1/2 cup rice (2)
1 cup 1% milk (2)

Dessert: 2
1/2 cup frozen yogurt (2)

Total Points: 30.5

Friday's Meals

Breakfast: 6
1 cup cereal (3)
1/2 cup 1% milk (1)
banana (2)

Tuna sandwich with WW bread (2)
Apple (1)


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Falling of the Wagon hurts!

So I have been slacking when it comes to posting the last few days.

Friday didn't go so well. It started out great, lost 1.5 lb, my "treat" for lunch was a salad from the chip truck....It was going pretty good. The problem was when I went home.

I am a boredom eater. I always have been. If I am home alone and have nothing to do, I find myself in the kitchen. That is where I was on Friday night. I visited the kitchen numerous times looking for something to eat. I open the fridge, i open the cupboards. I don't always grab food as nothing really appeals to me, but many times I do. I ate peanuts and cashews, had a piece of cake, had a small chocolate bar, had some pop, dinner was hamburger helper.......It was not a good night... and I wasn't even hungry. Once I finally clued in what I was doing and what I had already eaten, I grabbed a glass of milk and went to bed early.

I did not track on friday. I started to but I didnt officially put it in my tracker. Saturday and SUnday wasn't much better. I ate better than Friday, but I didn't track a thing.

Monday I got back on track 100%. I went for an hour bike ride with John. I tracked everything I ate (even the peanuts). I didnt go over my points, and I didnt use any flex (just AP). I am going to assume that I do not have much FP left so I will use a few here and there if I need them but I kind of blew it on Friday.

So payday can't come any slower it seems. I really need groceries as I am out of fruit again :( I also want to make some recipes from ESBM, but I need to buy some things to do that. I HATE getting paid once a month.


Tuesdays Meals

Breakfast: 3
3/4 cup Cinnamon Life Cereal (2)
1/2 cup 1% milk (1)

Snack: 2
Fibre Source Bar (2)

Lunch: 6
Smartones Chicken Parmesan (6)

Snack: 7
Source Dessert Yogurt (1)
Tim Hortons Steeped Tea w milk (1)
Honey Dipped Donut (5)

Late Lunch: 4
2 Slice WW toast with Homemade Jam (2)
Fruit Juice (2)

Dinner: 13.5
3 oz Beef Oven Roast (5)
1 1/2 cup boiled potatoes (3.5)
1 cup cooked carrots (1)
gravy (4)

Points Used: 32 + 3.5 AP

Activity: 30min cardio video - 5AP
Water: 2L

Friday, August 22, 2008

Today's WI

Well WW's wouldn't be nice if it was true??

On another note..... I am happy to say that I am down 1.5lb this week *YAY ME!*. I have noticed that the more weight I lose, the more I want to work to lose more :)

I am now 1lb away from the goal I set for Labour day (5lb) and 2 lb away from losing my first 10lb since re-starting! It is such a great feeling.

I bought the cook book Eat Shrink and Be Merry on Tuesday, and so far I am loving what I am seeing in it. The food all sounds good and there isn't any weird ingredients. I have already gone through the book and wrote next to each recipe what the points for it is. I am really excited to make new foods, as I am getting pretty bored with what I have been making.

Friday's Foods

Breakfast: 5
WW bagel with homemade jam (3)
1 cup 1% milk (2)

Snack: 2
Fibre Source Bar (2)

Lunch: 10
Garden/Pasta Salad w mustard vinaigrette dressing (from chip truck) (10)
- lets just say 10 to be safe lol

Snack: 2
100 cal Chips ahoy


Thursday, August 21, 2008

I Want to Lose Weight


-I can go up a flight of stairs without becoming winded
-I can shop for clothes without having to go to the plus size section
-I will no longer have back and knee pains
-I can feel comfortable in my clothes
-I don't feel like I'm the fattest girl in the room
-I will me a more fit and healthy person
-I can walk without my thighs rubbing together
-I can wear a bathing suit with confidence
-The risk of diabetes and heart problems is decreased
-I can sit in a lawn chair and not have to worry about if I am going to fall through or not
-I can sit on the couch and not feel like I have to cover my stomach with a blanket or pillow
-I can do any physical activity with ease
-When the time comes, I will have a healthy pregnancy
-I don't have to worry about if my belly is sticking out
-I will look amazing on my wedding day
-I will be happy with who I am not only on the inside, but on the outside as well

Thursday's Meals

Breatkfast: 5
WW bagel with Homemade jam (3)
1 cup 1% milk (1)

Snack: 2
Fibre Source Bar (2)

Lunch: 7
2oz Chicken thighs (3)
1 cup boiled potatoes (2)
1/2cup cooked carrots (0)
100 calorie Aero (2)

Snack: 5
Apple (1)
yogurt (1)
Gold Fish crackers (3)

Dinner: 7
Lean Turkey Sausage (3)
1 egg (2)
2 slice WW toast (1)
Ketchup (1)

Dessert: 5
Frozen Yogurt (2)
Cake (3)

Total Points Used: 31
Points Left: 1
Water: 2L 1L done
Activity: Strength training video + DDR (possible 8AP) Did 40 min video for 4AP

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Does Anyone want to give me money?

So I was thinking about the activity that I do now and I am thinking that it will eventually get pretty boring. What I really want is to get a gym membership at the Y. I loved the Y membership I had before (when it was part of my college tuition) and I would love to go back there. My problem is that I can't afford it. It's about $40 a month, which doesn't sounds too bad to most people, but on top of the WW fees and that I am trying to save for a wedding that is 10 months away, $40 is a big deal.
Anyone want to give me money????

I think after the wedding I will definitely get a gym membership, but it just seems so far away.

Besides that I have kicked myself in the butt to get back to being active. I went for a 3.5km bike ride last night with John (doesn't seem very far but my knees were hurting) so I got 2 AP for that. I am definitely doing my cardio video tonight and maybe some DDR as well which will get me at least 7 if I do both :)

Wednesday's Meals

Breakfast: 5
1 cup 1% milk (2)
1 WW bagel w homemade strawberry jam (3)

Snack: 2
Nature Valley Fibre Source Bar (2)

Lunch: 7
Smartones Chicken and Broccoli Rigatoni (6)
Source Dessert Yogurt (1)

Snack: 1
Green Apple

Dinner: 10
2 Chicken Thighs (3.5)
Boiled potatoes (3.5)
Carrots (1)
1 cup 1% milk

Dessert: 5
Cake and vanilla frozen yogurt (5)

Points Used: 30
Points left:2

AP: 30 minute cardio video = 5
Water: 2L

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tuesday's Food

Breakfast: 3
3/4 cup Cinnamon Life cereal (2)
1/2 cup 1% milk (1)

Snack: 3
Kashi Peanut Peanut Butter granola bar (3)

Lunch: 9
Smartones Ziti Marinara (6)
Caesar salad - light (2)
Source dessert yogurt (1)

Green Applle (1)
30g Goldfish crackers (3)


Homemade pizza (5)
1 cup 1% milk (2)
Carrots (0)

Snack: 2
1/2 cup vanilla frozen yogurt

Total Used: 28
Total Remaining: 4

Hmmmm well not so good on the food planning. I was going to have more like a 10pt dinner instead of a 5.

Water 2L - 1L done
Activity - 30 min cardio video
**I rode my bike for 20 minutes = 2AP
** I hope to still get a video in, but it may be strength training and not cardio

Monday, August 18, 2008

not much to say today :)

Monday's Meals

Breakfast: 4
2 frozen Waffles (3)
3 Tbsp E.D. Smith No sugar added syrup (1)

Snack: 1
Apple (1)

Lunch: 10.5
Breakfast casserole (8.5)
100 cal Kit Kat (2)

Snack: 3
30g Goldfish Crackers (3)

Dinner: 8.5
Homemade pizza on pita bread (4.5)
Salad + dressing (2)
1 cup 1% milk (2)

Snack: 2
1/2 cup vanilla ice cream (3)

Total: 30
Remaining: 2

AP - 0
Water - 1L

Friday, August 15, 2008


"Finally it has happened to me
Right in front of my face
My feelin's can't describe it
Finally it has happened to me
Right in front of my face
And I just cannot hide it......"

A little CeCe Peniston for you people.

I am very happy to say that I have FINALLY lost some weight. After last weeks STS and the week before with a gain, its about time!!
I am very happy. This actually has helped my motivation, and I need to keep working hard!
Friday's Food

Breakfast: 6
2 frozen Waffles (3)
3tbsp E.D. Smith No sugar Added syrup (1)
1 cup 1% milk (2)

Snack: 2
1 Fiber One Bar (american) (2)

Lunch: 6
Smartones Turkey & Potatoes (4)
1 can Diet Pepsi (0)
100 cal Coffe Crisp (2)

Snack: 3
3 Slices homemade banana bread (3)


Total Points Used: 17
Points Remaining: 15

i know i do not have any fruit or veggies listed. I need to go grocery shopping tonight

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fruits & Veggies

So I have noticed that the one thing that I NEVER get enough of (besides water) is my fruits and veggies. I am lucky to get enve 2 servings a day. It is actually kind of frusterating because I just don't like them. I want to like them, but I just dont.

Every night for dinner (when I have them in the house) I either have cooked carrots or broccoli. I don't like other vegetables and after a while I get really sick of these so I dont eat any (as you can see from last nights dinner).

I really don't know why I don't like them. Every few months or years I will try a vegetable that I didn't like in the past, but still no luck.

There are so many dishes that I see and would love to try as they look and smell good but those darn veggies.

It's not always just taste either, its texture. The feel of some vegetables in my mouth give me the willies (lol). Onions for example; I put these in my cooking. I either have to cut them in very large pieces so they are easy to pick out, or so tiny that when the are cooked they are almost disolved. If i feel an onion in my mouth it creeps me out. (I know I am an odd one).

So there is my vent about vegetables. Things I would love to love, but i seem to love to hate!
Thursday's Meal Plan

Breakfast 5.5
2 frozen waffles (3)
2 tbsp E.D. Smith No sugar added syrup (0.5)
1 cup 1% milk (2)

Snack 1
Green Apple (1)

Lunch (13.5)
4oz Chicken legs (floured before cooking) w BBQ sauce (8.5)
1/2 Mexican rice Sidekick (3)
Diet caffiene free pop (0)
100 cal Aero Bar (2)

Snack (3)
3 Slice homemade banana bread (3)
Large Tim Hortons Steeped Tea W sweetener & Milk (0.5)

Dinner (10)
2 Lean Turkey Grill'ems (5)
1/2 cup Sidekicks pasta (4)
BBQ Sauce (1)

Points Used: 32 + 1FP
Points Left: 0

AP earned: 0
Water: 5 cups

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A New Day

Well I haven't blogged in a few days, and I think it was that I just got off track a little and lost a little motivation. I still have been eating properly and stay OP, I just have dont little to no activity. I think everyone has these phases of no motivation, and probably more than once. I cannot let this get to me otherwise I will revert to how I was and gain back the remaining amount of weight I previously lost.

Watching my younger sister (22yo) has helped me not fall totally off the wagon. She has gained some weight in the last year, and she is doing WW as well. She is doing great with counting her points and especially with her working out. I can really learn from her. Watching her be happy with what she is doing and what she is accomplishing has made it easier for me to say to myself
"Today is a new day, and today I will work hard at making myself a better me!!"

This whole weight loss is for me. It is for my health and my happiness. Today I well get back to the program 110%.

Today's Meal Plan

Breakfast: 3
3/4 cup cinnamon life cereal (2)
1/2 cup 1% milk (1)

snack 3.5
3 Slice banana Bread (3)
Tim Hortons Steeped Tea w milk & sweetener (0.5)

Lunch: 6
Smartones Chicken Parmigiana (6)
Diet Pepsi (0)

Snack: 2
100 cal Kit Kat

Dinner: 11.5
4oz Chicken legs (flour coated before cooking) w BBQ sauce (8.5)
1/2 Mexican rice sidekick (3)

Snack: 2
Ghirardelli Chocolate (2)

Points used: 28
Points left: 4 (oops!)

Activity: Cleaning the house 2AP
Water: 1L
*all red was added afterwards or edited

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Monday's Meal Plan

7am Breakfast: 3pts
1 cup Kashi Honey Puff Cereal (2)
1/2 cup 1% milk (1)

10am Snack: 1pt
Green Apple (1)

12pm Lunch: 5.5pts
2 slices WW bread (1)
3 Slices chicken Bacon (2.5)
1 packet ketchup (0)
1 cup raw carrots (0)
2 tbsp Blue Menu Ranch Dressing (2)
1 can diet Pepsi

2:30 pm Snack: 3.5
3 slice homemade banana bread (3)
Large Steeped Tea w milk & sweetener (0.5)

4:30 Snack:

8pm Dinner: 9
1 cup homemade Chili (2)
2 slice regular white bread (3)
1 tbsp reduced calorie margarine (2)
1 cup 1% milk (2)

Points Used: 22
Points Left: 10

Sunday's Meal Plan

Today's Meals

Breakfast: 10
1 egg (2)
4 slice chicken bacon (5)
2 slice WW toast (1)
1 cup 1% milk (2)

Snack: 1
Green Apple (1)

Lunch: 13
Burger King Jr Whopper no Mayo + Fries (13)
Diet Coke

Snack: 0

Dinner: 11
4 oz Breaded pork tenderloin (5.5)
1/4 cup applesauce (1)
2 tsp oil (2.5)
1/2 cup Mashed Potatoes (2)
Broccoli (0)

Points Used: 32 + 3FP

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Meal Plans

I think I am going to try to plan my meals out more before hand. I have noticed that when my meals are already planned, I am less likely to stray away and "cheat".

I haven't been up very long yet today so my meals aren't fully planned out but here it goes:

Breakfast: 4
1cup Kashi Honey Puff Cereal (2)
1/2 cup 1% milk (1)
1 cup grapes (1)

Green Apple (1)

Lunch: 7.5
Grilled cheese sandwich with partly skimmed mozza cheese (6.5)
Ketchup (1)
Diet Pepsi (0)

Snack: 13
Small DQ Blizzard (13)

Dinner: 11.5
4.5oz Oven roast chicken breast (4)
1 cup Oven roasted potatoes with olive oil and seasoning (2)
1 cup cooked carrots (1)
1 cup 1% milk (2)
2 tsp olive oil (2.5)

2 slices banana bread (2)

Points Allowed:32
Points Used: 32 + 7AP

20 minutes cardio + 10 minutes warmup/cooldown - 4AP
ADD** I got in a few more AP after dinner so I didnt have to use any FP today

20 minute free weight strength training + 10 minute warmup cooldown - 3AP

guess i planned my meal out pretty good in 5 minutes! :)

Friday, August 8, 2008

Weigh In

Well this weeks WI sucked again. I didn't gain any weight, but I didn't lose any either. It's kind of a kick in the a$$. I worked harder this week and don't really have anything to show for it.

So this week I will have to:
~Work out more often and for longer periods
~Drink more water (this is so hard for me)
~Eat less junk (I really wish I liked vegetables)
~Use less FPs (I think this could be whats hurting me as I have 32pts a day as it is)

I can't let this discourage me and I have to keep at it.
I am going to a BBQ in a few hours so I guess this will be a big test...it's going to be hard not to use many or any FPs tonight :(

I am now going to go work out!

Pictures....horrible pictures

So it's time to get honest. Here are some VERY recent pictures of myself which really make me want to work harder at this weight loss!

Canada's Wonderland July 2008

Visiting In-laws July 2008

August 257.5 pounds

August 257.5 pounds
(this is an outfit I would usually wear only if I had a sweater to wear overtop)

These pictures are a real wakeup call that I need to work hard and continue to fight with my weight..... and WIN!

I will be taking pictures of my self each month. I probably will not post them all, but I will post many

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Video Review

So I have tried both my Cardio Max and my Power Sculpt Videos and here is what I think so far.

I have tried both of these videos, where I did a warm up, Level 1 workout and a cool down. It will take some time before I try Level 2 and 3.

Both videos give you the choice of customizing your own work out or using an already prepared one.
In customize you can choose to have or not have the warm up and cool down as well as any of the levels. So you can start right into Level one, then level 3, then the cool down if you wish (for example)
In the already prepared one, it is set up that you do the first one for the first 2 weeks; this consists of warm up, Level 1 and cool down. The second is for weeks 3&4 and here Level 2 workout is added after level 1. The 3rd is for weeks 5&6 and here all 3 levels are included in the workout. Then there is a maintenance workout.

Cardio Max
I quite enjoyed this because it was not the typical cardio work out. I was expecting it to be like many other videos where you are moving all over the room. During the work out you do not stop moving what so ever, and your heart rate is up, but you don't feel like you are dancing all over the place or that you have some choreography to figure out. The workout consists of many squats, lunges and jumping as well as other movements.

Bob is the instructor of the Level 1 and he is very good at talking to you and telling you to keep moving no matter what. He even tells you that if you can do a move, then don't, but just keep moving. I have read many reviews that complain that the trainers do not do the workout with you so it is harder to learn. The moves in this video are so easy to pick up, you do not need to follow the instructor. He does go to the others working out and uses them to show you how you should be doing the moves. One of the members is also doing to workout with modified moves for those who may not be able to do all of the moves (eg. push ups on your knees)

Another complaint I heard about the video is that everyone is not in sync, and are not doing the moves all at the same time. I actually enjoyed this because it is more real life. These are other over weight people trying to exercise and in real life not everyone is going to be doing it in sync. I actually enjoyed the fact that I was able to at least keep up with one other member.

Bob does both the warm up and the cool down. The warm up moves are very similar to those that you will do in the work out. The cool down is more yoga type moves (which you see bob do on the show)

After doing this video the first time, I did have pain the next day. I think the more I do it the less pain I will have. My muscles just aren't used to moving. I do suggest that if you have knee problems that you take it easy as my sorest part were my knees (those darn squats!)

Power Sculpt
First off I would like to note that for this video you should have hand weights (but I did not use any but will in the future) and if you do not have carpeted floors you should also get a mat as some exercises require you to lay down.

Power Sculpt is filled with a lot of simple moves to help build up your muscles and a great add on to Cardio Max. In this video level one is instructed by Jillian. The work out consists of very easy moves to pick up but you can definitely feel your muscles working. Like the other one, the instructors don't do all the moves with you but does show you how to do them properly using the members of the workout. Jillian even throws things out there in the middle of the workout to keep you going properly like "remember to breath, many people forget to breath doing this" or "relax your neck, let your head fall". Although they don't seem important, they really are in ensuring you are working out properly.

The only downside I would say to this video (and it is probably the same in the other, I have yet to find out) is that Jillian does kind of make fun of the people who are doing the moves wrong. This may bother some people. Because I watch the show, it was not a shock and kind of expected.

All in all i would have to say these videos are AWESOME and i would recommend them to anyone!! I am beyond happy that I had purchased theses and I find them well worth it! I bought them for $10.99 each from Amazon.ca, so for 22$ who can really complain?

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Weekend Update

So this weekend has been pretty uneventful so far :( John works weekends, so we can't really go anywhere. We are planniny on going to see Dark Night tomorrow so I am happy about that.

Friday I had my weigh in, and as expected I had gained a pound. I knew it was coming so I wasn't disappointed. I had eaten within my points, but a lot of it wasnt the best choices in the world and I ate very little fruits and veggies. I have gotten myself back on track though!

I received my Biggest Loser work out videos on Friday and immediately tried out the Cardio Max. WOW did it ever kick my but. The activities were not difficult, but my body was so not used to all that movement! Even though i was sore afterwards I felt pretty good that I actually finished it. Yesterday I was going to do the Power Sculpt video, by I was very very sore from the day before. I think for now I will do the videos every other day until my body loosens up and feels better, then after that I will do them every day alternating between videos.

Well I am off to go do a work out now :)