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Weight Loss

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Boston Pizza

So last night I went out for dinner and did pretty good!!!! John and I went out with a couple friends of ours to Boston Pizza. Before we went I looked up the NI and decided on a couple dinners that would be ok to eat points wise for what I had left.

I ate the Chipotle Chicken Caesar Wrap with a garden salad. This was really good and was 12 points. Next time I go I will get the Thai Chicken Wrap which is 9 points.

I love when restaurants have their nutritional information available to the public. It makes going out so much easier.

Wednesday's Food

Breakfast: 6
Smoothie (3)
WW bagel w jam (3)

Lunch: 13
BBQ Pork (4)
Roast potatoes and carrots (3)
grapes (1)
crispers (2)
granola bar (3)

Snack: 2
100 calorie ah! caramel (2)

Dinner: 12
Meatball wrap w cheese (10)
broccoli (0)
1 glass milk (2)

Dessert: 2
Frozen yogurt (2)

Points Used: 32 + 3AP
Points remaining: 0


Lisa aka water_nymph said...

your lunches always look so yummy i actually get hungry!!!

Jordanna said...

Good for you making a great choice!! I always check the NI before I go but I never seem to make a good choice once I get there....note to self: Must work on willpower!!

I agree your lunches do look yummy!

Anonymous said...

You're doing so good girl...
Try this site:
Click the Restaraunt tab... She has hundreds of places and there points! I use this site about twice a week!!!

Heidi said...

FYI - if you haven't had it before... the Thai Chicken Wrap is to die for!! I had it in the spring and have been waiting for the chance to go back and have it again (we don't go out much - heehee).