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Weight Loss

Friday, January 23, 2009

Biggest Loser Workout - Weightloss Yoga

So I just finished doing this new DVD I just got and I can say that I loved it. It was really hard for me at first but I think I will get better as I get stronger. I have never had very much upper body strength so this should help. Along with my other 2 Biggest Loser DVD's this should be a great workout for me! It will help me get 20lb off by the time I get married ♥☺

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bad Week Went Well

So i didn't have suck a good week last week, eating wise.
I guess I couldn't say no to eating out.
Within one week I had Wendy's, Harvey's, Swiss Chalet and Pizza. Not good choices

Things went well at my WI though on Monday. I lost 0.7lb!! yay me!
I do have a feeling that it will catch up with me at my next WI so I gotta kick myself back into gear.

I bought the Biggest Loser Workout - Yoga and it just arrived today. I now have 3 different videos to workout too plus my DDR so I should get bored. I just have to get more strict with myself. Tomorrow I am going to try my yoga and I am actually kinda excited about it. I have never tried yoga, and I wanted something different!! I am going to try and work hard this weekend!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Its been a million years.....

Since I have posted. I am now committed again to blogging and posting on WW.ca

So how have things been going for me?
Well December was pretty busy and things were going alright. I wasn't really losing much weight but I wasn't gaining either. I was tracking everything.
I had my WI on December 22 and I decided that day that my goal was to stay the same over Christmas.

Over Christmas I didn't track the whole time, but I had planned that. I watched everything I ate; made sure I didn't over due my portions and tried to make smarter decisions. I also tried to make sure that I was keeping active.

My first WI after Christmas holidays was January 5th and I ended up losing 1 lb. That just made my day and a great way to start the year.

Well since then things haven't been great. They haven't been horrible, but just not great.
DF had his wisdom teeth out so he isn't eating real meals so that leaves me to make dinner to one. Most of the time I just ended up finding whatever to eat, and we all know that means trouble. I also haven't been working out, like at all. I also missed this weeks WI. So I need to get back into it.

Today I have started tracking and watching what I eat more closely, and I am starting to work out again so I am back on track.