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Weight Loss

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tomorrow is the day.....

..................... I go back to meetings.

So last week I was thinking about joining meetings again. I have been doing great on my own, but the first time I did WW I did awesome. I think I need to be with others doing it, actually seeing others going through the same things I am, face to face. So I bought the 16 week membership!!!

I am actually excited to go. The weigh in starts at 430pm, it is about a 15 minute walk from my work, and I am done work at 4pm. It all just works out.

I will still be recording my success from when I re-committed. Even though WW will have a different 10% and what not I will still celebrate my overall success from when I started in July. It the end I am trying to reach the same goal, whether I get the recognition or not ☺


Jordanna said...

Good for you! If that works best for you then that is what you should do!! Hmm guess I'd better get more motivated so you don't kick my ass!

Anonymous said...

I just started meetings and I like them so far. It makes me feel more accountable for some reason. Good luck at WI!

Krista said...

What meeting are you going to? That's awesome. I know the meetings help me a lot. Good luck!
Right now I'm doing it on my own. I go through spurts of going to meeetings and then doing it on my own. I guess I just can't make up my mind!!

Lisa aka water_nymph said...

im with krista on meetings lol..

but i'm watching your blog and waiting for your feedback!!

have a great time!!