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Weight Loss

Saturday, February 21, 2009

2 weeks

So it has been 2 weeks since I broke my leg and things are doing ok.
I have been walking around the house with either my crutches or my walker the whole time not being able to use my right leg at all. The only time i have left the house was to go to my post op appointment.

At my appointment I had my cast removed and the staples taken out (about 50) and I am now in a walking boot. The downside is that for at leat 4 more weeks I am not allowed to use my leg :(
I even have to sleep with the boot on which can be very uncomfortable.

I just hope every heals properly.

The harderst thing about it all is that i just want to get up and go. Even when there is no where to go I like knowing that if I wanted to I could just go. My fiance doesnt drive so he cant even take me anywhere to get out of the house. Kinda sucks.

I have saved some money since I havent gone anywhere to spend it lol

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Absolutely Bored

So laying here on my back for the 6th day in a row I have decided that I am absolutely bored. I am really beginning to hate not being able to get up and move freely whenever I want. Right now I get out of bed just to pee and then back in I go.

In a way I am kind of glad that I am stuck in bed because I am a bored eater and if I had easy access to the fridge I would be eating like CRAZY!!!!

What really sucks about this whole injury is that the week that I hurt myself I finally got my mind set in the weight loss mode and I was really starting to get strict about working out. I wanted to make sure that I fit into my wedding dress in June. I only hope that I do not gain too much weight while lying here because it is going to be VERY hard to lose it when I am using a walker to get around.

ugh!! i just feel like i am going to go crazy here and I am stuck in my room for another week!
I am planning on taking one day and moving to the living room for one day but it is really hard to go down and then back up 15 stairs.

ok now i feel like i am rambling......i will most likely write again 2morrow :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Taking a break from WW

So I am taking a break from WW for a while.
I am going to still try to make healthy choices on what I eat, but i don't think right now I have the energy to think about points and counting....


Friday morning I slipped on some ice and shattered my tibia and fibula. I probably have like 8 breaks total in one leg. I have 2 metal plates and at least 20 screws in it.
Right now I am bed ridden so I cannot make my own meals, or even get to the kitchen right now. THe only way I can get around is with my walker or crutches right now and it will be this way for at least 3 months.

I want to take most of my focus and put it on healing and getting better before I think about how many points my peanut butter and jelly sandwich is!!\

if people are interested here are a couple pics of my incisions.