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Friday, September 5, 2008

ESBM Review

Hi all. This is just going to be a quick little review of some of the recipes I have made from Eat Shrink and Be Merry so far.

Sticky Chicky
Very very easy to make. You literally throw everything into a bowl, mix, and pour over the chicken. I didn't use the bbq sauce it suggested as I did not have that flavour, but you can use any flavour you want, even change it up each time you make it.
The only problem I had with this recipe is that its huge. It makes 8 servings (2 chicken thighs per serving). Next time I will half the recipe and cook it in a smaller dish.
I made this with some rice and steamed broccoli

Tongue Thai'd
These were the best turkey burgers I have ever had!!!! Well I think they are the only turkey burgers I have ever had, but they were really good. The thai flavour with the turkey was amazing.
I did not have all of the ingredients that were listed so I had to improvise. I did not have any peanut sauce, so I mixed some peanut butter with olive oil. Because of this I did not have enough sauce to baste the burgers so it all went into the actual patty mixture.
The recipe says to make 6 burgers. Because they don't shrink when you cook them (because there is pretty much no fat in the meat) I think you could get away with making the burgers smaller and maybe doing 8 or more.
I ate 2 of these burgers. One I only put a litte bbq sauce on top, the other i put mango salsa on it which compliments the mean nicely.

One Loaf to Love
Another good and easy meal. The flavour that this meat was is wonderful. There is a lot of different things added to this meal to give it great flavour. I had to modify this slightly as I did not have fresh parsley, so I added 1/2 the amount of dried.
The only issue I had with this was that it was too moist, kind of a little mushy. This very well could have been my fault as I forgot to add the egg (oops!). I also did not cut up the onions small enough so they were not cooked fully through. I will definitely make this again and make sure I do it properly.


Phoenixrising said...

One loaf to love is my FAVOURITE ESBM recipe! It's SOOOOOO yummy!

If you find it too mushy, cut back on the sauce you add, I found I had to half the sauce, otherwise mine was smoosh too...