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Weight Loss

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy Hump Day..... Meetings?

Today is going pretty darn good!!!

I used my laptop lunch box today and I really like it!
It comes with a 12oz water bottle, and already today I have drank 32oz (4 cups so far). I am going to fill it one more time before I go home from work.
I wasnt 100% sure if the compartments in the lunch box would hold enough, but they definitely do. You can put enough in them so that you have just enough food for the day; not too much and not to less.

So I have been thinking about it for a couple days, and I am thinking about maybe going to meetings after work on Thrusdays. The meeting will be about a 10minute walk from where I work, and then I can bus home (or even walk on nice days). Right now WW is offering no registration fee, and if i commit to 16 weeks, I can go for about 11$ a week. I haven't made my final decision yet, but I am leaning towards doing it. My online membership is paid up until October 28th and the deal WW has has to be used before October 25th (which would be the 23rd) so it would work out nicely.


Hump Day Food

Breakfast: 4
3/4 cup apple cinnamon cheerios (2)
1/2 cup milk (1)
1/2 banana (1)

Lunch: 13
Spaghetti w ground turkey sauce (6)
1/2 yogurt w frozen fruit (2)
8 crispy minis (1)
Caramel Slim fast snack bar (3)
Carrots w 1 tbsp dip (1)

Snack: 1
Green Apple (1)

Dinner: 10
4oz chicken breast (4)
Whole Wheat Tortilla (2)
Salsa (0)
1/2 cup rice (2)
1 cup milk (2)

Dessert: 2
1/4 cup Orange sorbet (1)
1/4 cup Vanilla frozen yogurt (1)

Points Used: 30
Points Remaining: 2

Water: 48oz (32 done)
Activity: 30 minute video


Lisa aka water_nymph said...

i am also thinking of joining meetings..and the weirdest thing holding me back?? Vanity!!!

I have lost 12lbs so far on W.W. Online...If i sign up for meetings my current weight will be my starting weight, so for example, my online 10% will be very different from my meeting 10%...

LMAO!! I know its so strange that i am getting hung up on it..but i was wondering, how would you handle it?