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Weight Loss

Friday, November 7, 2008

Thursday WI

So as I sit here, eating my apple.......
I would like to announce that I lost 2.4lb this week!!!! YAY ME!!!

I guess having goals really helps!! I didnt actually acheive all of them, but who cares?!?! I put the effort in and tried and came out with a great result.

activity 4 days/week: 2/7
Drink 2L water/day: 4/7
Lose 8lb: 2.4/8
Track everything every day: 7/7
Leave 5FP each week: 15 left

So far so good I think. I know I have some areas that I need to work on, but that is what this week is for. I am just glad to get out of the rut of October. That month is almost embarrasing. Really, you dont put the effort in, you dont get the results.


MeltingLisa said...

Yay Nikisha!!

So happy the scale agreed with the work you put in!

Well done!

Anonymous said...

Way to go girl!

Lisa aka water_nymph said...

Congrats!!!! that's awesome!!


Phoenixrising said...

Great goals! And good job on the 2.4 lb loss! That's awesome!

Krista said...

Whatever your doing keep it up! Great loss girl!

Carolyn said...

Mech... dont' talk about October. For me, it was a WRITE OFF, completely and utterly!
But life goes on... I got married, so that's what happens. YOu eat out, you enjoy life, and you gain a little. I'm glad to see you back on track.. it inspires me! Maybe I'l lbe back on track this week too!! Hopefully...