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Weight Loss

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Weekend Update

So this weekend has been pretty uneventful so far :( John works weekends, so we can't really go anywhere. We are planniny on going to see Dark Night tomorrow so I am happy about that.

Friday I had my weigh in, and as expected I had gained a pound. I knew it was coming so I wasn't disappointed. I had eaten within my points, but a lot of it wasnt the best choices in the world and I ate very little fruits and veggies. I have gotten myself back on track though!

I received my Biggest Loser work out videos on Friday and immediately tried out the Cardio Max. WOW did it ever kick my but. The activities were not difficult, but my body was so not used to all that movement! Even though i was sore afterwards I felt pretty good that I actually finished it. Yesterday I was going to do the Power Sculpt video, by I was very very sore from the day before. I think for now I will do the videos every other day until my body loosens up and feels better, then after that I will do them every day alternating between videos.

Well I am off to go do a work out now :)


Jordanna said...

Did you end up seeing Dark Knight on Monday? My husband and I went and I thought it was great!

Those DVD's sound great I'm going to have to see where I can pick them up!