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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Video Review

So I have tried both my Cardio Max and my Power Sculpt Videos and here is what I think so far.

I have tried both of these videos, where I did a warm up, Level 1 workout and a cool down. It will take some time before I try Level 2 and 3.

Both videos give you the choice of customizing your own work out or using an already prepared one.
In customize you can choose to have or not have the warm up and cool down as well as any of the levels. So you can start right into Level one, then level 3, then the cool down if you wish (for example)
In the already prepared one, it is set up that you do the first one for the first 2 weeks; this consists of warm up, Level 1 and cool down. The second is for weeks 3&4 and here Level 2 workout is added after level 1. The 3rd is for weeks 5&6 and here all 3 levels are included in the workout. Then there is a maintenance workout.

Cardio Max
I quite enjoyed this because it was not the typical cardio work out. I was expecting it to be like many other videos where you are moving all over the room. During the work out you do not stop moving what so ever, and your heart rate is up, but you don't feel like you are dancing all over the place or that you have some choreography to figure out. The workout consists of many squats, lunges and jumping as well as other movements.

Bob is the instructor of the Level 1 and he is very good at talking to you and telling you to keep moving no matter what. He even tells you that if you can do a move, then don't, but just keep moving. I have read many reviews that complain that the trainers do not do the workout with you so it is harder to learn. The moves in this video are so easy to pick up, you do not need to follow the instructor. He does go to the others working out and uses them to show you how you should be doing the moves. One of the members is also doing to workout with modified moves for those who may not be able to do all of the moves (eg. push ups on your knees)

Another complaint I heard about the video is that everyone is not in sync, and are not doing the moves all at the same time. I actually enjoyed this because it is more real life. These are other over weight people trying to exercise and in real life not everyone is going to be doing it in sync. I actually enjoyed the fact that I was able to at least keep up with one other member.

Bob does both the warm up and the cool down. The warm up moves are very similar to those that you will do in the work out. The cool down is more yoga type moves (which you see bob do on the show)

After doing this video the first time, I did have pain the next day. I think the more I do it the less pain I will have. My muscles just aren't used to moving. I do suggest that if you have knee problems that you take it easy as my sorest part were my knees (those darn squats!)

Power Sculpt
First off I would like to note that for this video you should have hand weights (but I did not use any but will in the future) and if you do not have carpeted floors you should also get a mat as some exercises require you to lay down.

Power Sculpt is filled with a lot of simple moves to help build up your muscles and a great add on to Cardio Max. In this video level one is instructed by Jillian. The work out consists of very easy moves to pick up but you can definitely feel your muscles working. Like the other one, the instructors don't do all the moves with you but does show you how to do them properly using the members of the workout. Jillian even throws things out there in the middle of the workout to keep you going properly like "remember to breath, many people forget to breath doing this" or "relax your neck, let your head fall". Although they don't seem important, they really are in ensuring you are working out properly.

The only downside I would say to this video (and it is probably the same in the other, I have yet to find out) is that Jillian does kind of make fun of the people who are doing the moves wrong. This may bother some people. Because I watch the show, it was not a shock and kind of expected.

All in all i would have to say these videos are AWESOME and i would recommend them to anyone!! I am beyond happy that I had purchased theses and I find them well worth it! I bought them for $10.99 each from Amazon.ca, so for 22$ who can really complain?


Jordanna said...

Thanks for the review - I'm totally going to get them now, they sound great (especially since I love the show!)

Anonymous said...

HEy girl. Read your blog. Your doing great keep it up. I have done both of these videos and they are a great workout. The pushups kill me. lol. Kepp it up girl and u will be one hott Bride!!!