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Weight Loss

Friday, August 22, 2008

Today's WI

Well WW's wouldn't be nice if it was true??

On another note..... I am happy to say that I am down 1.5lb this week *YAY ME!*. I have noticed that the more weight I lose, the more I want to work to lose more :)

I am now 1lb away from the goal I set for Labour day (5lb) and 2 lb away from losing my first 10lb since re-starting! It is such a great feeling.

I bought the cook book Eat Shrink and Be Merry on Tuesday, and so far I am loving what I am seeing in it. The food all sounds good and there isn't any weird ingredients. I have already gone through the book and wrote next to each recipe what the points for it is. I am really excited to make new foods, as I am getting pretty bored with what I have been making.

Friday's Foods

Breakfast: 5
WW bagel with homemade jam (3)
1 cup 1% milk (2)

Snack: 2
Fibre Source Bar (2)

Lunch: 10
Garden/Pasta Salad w mustard vinaigrette dressing (from chip truck) (10)
- lets just say 10 to be safe lol

Snack: 2
100 cal Chips ahoy



Jordanna said...

Congrats on the loss!! Looks like you're body is finally listening and heading in the right direction again :)

I looked for that cookbook at Chapters a few weeks ago and they didn't have it in. I'll have to look again :)

Jordanna said...

Thanks for the tip on ESBM - I ordered them tonight (it will make a nice surprise for my mum!)