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Weight Loss

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fruits & Veggies

So I have noticed that the one thing that I NEVER get enough of (besides water) is my fruits and veggies. I am lucky to get enve 2 servings a day. It is actually kind of frusterating because I just don't like them. I want to like them, but I just dont.

Every night for dinner (when I have them in the house) I either have cooked carrots or broccoli. I don't like other vegetables and after a while I get really sick of these so I dont eat any (as you can see from last nights dinner).

I really don't know why I don't like them. Every few months or years I will try a vegetable that I didn't like in the past, but still no luck.

There are so many dishes that I see and would love to try as they look and smell good but those darn veggies.

It's not always just taste either, its texture. The feel of some vegetables in my mouth give me the willies (lol). Onions for example; I put these in my cooking. I either have to cut them in very large pieces so they are easy to pick out, or so tiny that when the are cooked they are almost disolved. If i feel an onion in my mouth it creeps me out. (I know I am an odd one).

So there is my vent about vegetables. Things I would love to love, but i seem to love to hate!
Thursday's Meal Plan

Breakfast 5.5
2 frozen waffles (3)
2 tbsp E.D. Smith No sugar added syrup (0.5)
1 cup 1% milk (2)

Snack 1
Green Apple (1)

Lunch (13.5)
4oz Chicken legs (floured before cooking) w BBQ sauce (8.5)
1/2 Mexican rice Sidekick (3)
Diet caffiene free pop (0)
100 cal Aero Bar (2)

Snack (3)
3 Slice homemade banana bread (3)
Large Tim Hortons Steeped Tea W sweetener & Milk (0.5)

Dinner (10)
2 Lean Turkey Grill'ems (5)
1/2 cup Sidekicks pasta (4)
BBQ Sauce (1)

Points Used: 32 + 1FP
Points Left: 0

AP earned: 0
Water: 5 cups


Jordanna said...

Hey - sorry I missed your post on the WW site - I try to catch up with them every few days but mostly I check the 100+ board and the location board :)

I was planning on signing up for bootcamp but I heard about a new program in my city called "biggest loser camp" or something like that. It's a three month program that goes three days a week and includes personal training, nutritionists and weigh in days so I might sign up for that instead!

Have you tried steaming your veggies so they stay crisp? I like to steam my veggies and then sprinkle some parmesan cheese and red pepper flakes on them.

Or you could mash some cauliflower in to your potatoes...

I also like veggie kababs on the BBQ - it gives them a different flavour...

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I'm a fellow WW and I was thinking that since you don't like veggies, what about taking one of the veggie supplements from the health food store? My mother in law takes one that's something like Go Green? (I'm sure there's more than one brand) and it's a small amount that she just downs but it's concentrated and she still gets the nutritional benefits instead of eating veggies.

Good luck on your journey! Looks like your doing great =)

Anonymous said...

Here's a tip my mom used to due when I was a kid. She would puree veggies and hide them in things so us kids would eat them. Or u even can buy jars of babyfood and mix them into things. like spaghettti sause or whatever. Hide veggies its the best way to get them in and not even know it. I believ Rachel Ray has a cookbook on it too. Or u can just google hiding veggies in foods.
Make sure u are taking a multivitamin every day since u arent getting in enough veggies. Even though u arent pregnant the best kind u can buy are prenatal vitamins b/c they have everything in them. Thats a tip from my dr. u can buy them at any store. Generic kind will do.