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Weight Loss

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Falling of the Wagon hurts!

So I have been slacking when it comes to posting the last few days.

Friday didn't go so well. It started out great, lost 1.5 lb, my "treat" for lunch was a salad from the chip truck....It was going pretty good. The problem was when I went home.

I am a boredom eater. I always have been. If I am home alone and have nothing to do, I find myself in the kitchen. That is where I was on Friday night. I visited the kitchen numerous times looking for something to eat. I open the fridge, i open the cupboards. I don't always grab food as nothing really appeals to me, but many times I do. I ate peanuts and cashews, had a piece of cake, had a small chocolate bar, had some pop, dinner was hamburger helper.......It was not a good night... and I wasn't even hungry. Once I finally clued in what I was doing and what I had already eaten, I grabbed a glass of milk and went to bed early.

I did not track on friday. I started to but I didnt officially put it in my tracker. Saturday and SUnday wasn't much better. I ate better than Friday, but I didn't track a thing.

Monday I got back on track 100%. I went for an hour bike ride with John. I tracked everything I ate (even the peanuts). I didnt go over my points, and I didnt use any flex (just AP). I am going to assume that I do not have much FP left so I will use a few here and there if I need them but I kind of blew it on Friday.

So payday can't come any slower it seems. I really need groceries as I am out of fruit again :( I also want to make some recipes from ESBM, but I need to buy some things to do that. I HATE getting paid once a month.


Tuesdays Meals

Breakfast: 3
3/4 cup Cinnamon Life Cereal (2)
1/2 cup 1% milk (1)

Snack: 2
Fibre Source Bar (2)

Lunch: 6
Smartones Chicken Parmesan (6)

Snack: 7
Source Dessert Yogurt (1)
Tim Hortons Steeped Tea w milk (1)
Honey Dipped Donut (5)

Late Lunch: 4
2 Slice WW toast with Homemade Jam (2)
Fruit Juice (2)

Dinner: 13.5
3 oz Beef Oven Roast (5)
1 1/2 cup boiled potatoes (3.5)
1 cup cooked carrots (1)
gravy (4)

Points Used: 32 + 3.5 AP

Activity: 30min cardio video - 5AP
Water: 2L


Jordanna said...

Way to be accountable to yourself and get back on track! You will always have success in the end if you jump back on that wagon!

That really sucks about only getting paid once a month - that must make it really hard to budget cause if you screw up and go on a spending spree you have to suffer for a whole month.

Stay on track and you'll do great at WI on Friday!