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Weight Loss

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Meal Plans

I think I am going to try to plan my meals out more before hand. I have noticed that when my meals are already planned, I am less likely to stray away and "cheat".

I haven't been up very long yet today so my meals aren't fully planned out but here it goes:

Breakfast: 4
1cup Kashi Honey Puff Cereal (2)
1/2 cup 1% milk (1)
1 cup grapes (1)

Green Apple (1)

Lunch: 7.5
Grilled cheese sandwich with partly skimmed mozza cheese (6.5)
Ketchup (1)
Diet Pepsi (0)

Snack: 13
Small DQ Blizzard (13)

Dinner: 11.5
4.5oz Oven roast chicken breast (4)
1 cup Oven roasted potatoes with olive oil and seasoning (2)
1 cup cooked carrots (1)
1 cup 1% milk (2)
2 tsp olive oil (2.5)

2 slices banana bread (2)

Points Allowed:32
Points Used: 32 + 7AP

20 minutes cardio + 10 minutes warmup/cooldown - 4AP
ADD** I got in a few more AP after dinner so I didnt have to use any FP today

20 minute free weight strength training + 10 minute warmup cooldown - 3AP

guess i planned my meal out pretty good in 5 minutes! :)


Jordanna said...

Planning meals is helpful. I like to plan a weeks worth and go grocery shopping so I have everything in the house. That way if I was planning on having spaghetti tonight and chicken kababs the next night - but feel like reversing it...it's easy to do because I already have all the groceries to do it.

Nice work sneaking a blizzard in for snack - I had one the other night and it was well worth it.

I weigh in tomorrow though, so we'll have to see if I regret it later :)

As of this morning though, we weigh the exact same amount so it's kind of nice to meet someone with the same goals and in the same place as I am!