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Weight Loss

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A New Day

Well I haven't blogged in a few days, and I think it was that I just got off track a little and lost a little motivation. I still have been eating properly and stay OP, I just have dont little to no activity. I think everyone has these phases of no motivation, and probably more than once. I cannot let this get to me otherwise I will revert to how I was and gain back the remaining amount of weight I previously lost.

Watching my younger sister (22yo) has helped me not fall totally off the wagon. She has gained some weight in the last year, and she is doing WW as well. She is doing great with counting her points and especially with her working out. I can really learn from her. Watching her be happy with what she is doing and what she is accomplishing has made it easier for me to say to myself
"Today is a new day, and today I will work hard at making myself a better me!!"

This whole weight loss is for me. It is for my health and my happiness. Today I well get back to the program 110%.

Today's Meal Plan

Breakfast: 3
3/4 cup cinnamon life cereal (2)
1/2 cup 1% milk (1)

snack 3.5
3 Slice banana Bread (3)
Tim Hortons Steeped Tea w milk & sweetener (0.5)

Lunch: 6
Smartones Chicken Parmigiana (6)
Diet Pepsi (0)

Snack: 2
100 cal Kit Kat

Dinner: 11.5
4oz Chicken legs (flour coated before cooking) w BBQ sauce (8.5)
1/2 Mexican rice sidekick (3)

Snack: 2
Ghirardelli Chocolate (2)

Points used: 28
Points left: 4 (oops!)

Activity: Cleaning the house 2AP
Water: 1L
*all red was added afterwards or edited


Jordanna said...

Congrats on re-committing. It's so easy to lose focus! It must be nice to have a sister to do this with.

Keep up the good work!