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Weight Loss

Monday, April 20, 2009

Well....It's Monday

And I am actually feeling pretty good.....(except the hip pain...that is still present)

I decided that because I am not going to be able to do much activity with my broken leg, and the other issues that has brought about I need to focus more on what I am eating. I decided to suck it up and rejoin WW Online. I don't really have the money, but it helps me become more accountable for what I am doing; and I missed the recipe builder.

I already tracked today (including the dinner I haven't eaten yet) and it leaves me with 2 points left for the day. I think I will treat myself to some fat free frozen yogurt. MMMM!!

I tracked for Saturday and Sunday. I didn't do as well those days as I wanted, but I tracked, and still have most of my WPA, I just didn't make the best choices (Pizza....mmmm)

Right now I am working at lab in a university and I enjoy my job and love the people I work with, but I think I a ready for something new. My contract with this job ends in October (unless my employer gets more money for me) and I cant wait until I have no job to find a new job. Also where I work is where I did my placement for school and is my first real job since graduating. I think I am ready to move on to something different.

The issue I have is that where I live, there are no jobs available. I look every couple days but there's nothing. If I were to move to a bigger city like Toronto or Ottawa I would have trouble finding a job, but here not so much.

I am not going o let this get me down as I have just under 6 months to find one, but I just don't want to be unemployed (or work somewhere for minimum wage)