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Weight Loss

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter's a coming

So Easter is on it's way and it is going to be DIFFICULT!! this is where my restraint is going to have to kick it into high gear.

John (fiance) and I are going to his parents house tomorrow morning.
Friday's dinner is to celebrate our birthday's (Mine was March 22 and His April 3) and his mom is cooking a roast. This means gravy, buttery potatoes, and carrots dripping with butter.
Sunday dinner is turkey dinner. Sooooo very similar to Friday.
She wants to bake a birthday cake.

John wants her to make homemade donuts
She will probably be making a pie (she makes minimum 8 pies for Xmas)
and then on top of it all, she will be giving us chocolates, I know it

PORTION CONTROL will be my best friend this week!!!

I will be trying my best to get online; here and on ww.ca to be accountable for everything I do and eat. I cant afford to gain any more weight right now!!

I WILL be successful
I WONT overeat

but I am scared


Krista said...

I know how hard special times of the year can be.

You can do it girl!

Your a K-town girl right?? I saw you as a new follower to my blog (although I think I read yours quite a while ago but it disappeared from my list).

Nice to "see" you again!