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Weight Loss

Monday, April 6, 2009

Being Accountable!!

So I have been thinking to myself that I needed a way to be accountable for what I do on this journey. I didn't feel like just writing here was enough, because really i could just not write it; it is my blog.

On the WW.ca boards I am part of a group which is called Curvy Cuties. All of us are those who have at least 80 (i believe this is the number) pounds to lose. Today it has been decided that because we ALL seem to have a hard time with sticking to what we say we are going to do we will have a challenge: Curvy Cuties Beach Blast Challenge.

For this challenge we have a goal weight to achieve by June 21 (first day of summer). Because I cannot move very easily I have made this weight 12lb. That is just over 1lb/week.

Also what we are going to do is tell everyone what are plans for the day are food and activity wise, and the next day report to all how well we did.

I think this will help me because MANY MANY MANY times I have said I am going to do something or eat something and things just don't go that way. The couch calls my name and I become a lump on the couch. Now I have people to report to every day, and I will be very embarrassed if i tell them that all i did was lay on the couch every night. LOL