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Weight Loss

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Slacking....no more

So i have really been slacking when it comes to my blog. I love writing in it but I seem to forget or put it off. I need to get my act together.

Well this last week has been some ups and downs I guess you can put it.
Monday I had my doctors appointment about my leg. I was really hoping that he would tell me i can start putting a little pressure on it, or that I can take the air cast off while I sleep.....NOPE!!! Nothing has changed and I still have to put zero pressure on it for another 6 weeks which is when my next appointment is :(

Because of this I am still limited to the amount of activity I can do, but I am going to do as much upper body as I can; without my arms feeling like they are going to fall off, since I use them to walk.

I decided that I needed to get my act in gear for real. I am trying to get my motivation up and its been hard. You read my blogs and i seem to say each time that I am going to get back to it and then I don't. I am hoping I can change this this time. On Saturday past it was 13 weeks until my wedding. I decided that I am going to lose 13lb by then. That is only 1lb a week and I think with the right foods alone i should be able to do this. I need to make sure that I fit into my dress because at this point I cannot afford a new one.

I WILL work out to the best of my ability
I WILL make healthy food choices
I WILL not give up
I WILL lose 13lb

wish me luck everyone :)


Anonymous said...

Good luck Nikisha! I can imagine how hard it is when you have a significant obsticle in your way...but I have confidence that you can do this!!

Hang in there and best wishes for a good week ahead!

Natasha said...

It's great to hear the motivation and determination in your post. Good luck!