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Weight Loss

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


So I am very happy with how my day went yesterday.
I have made a list of all of the groceries I want, along with the healthy meals I am going to make with them. I feel like I did when I joined WW 3 years ago (almost exactally), just excited to be eating healthier and losing weight!

My mom is going to go to the store for me, and get me the foods I need. I feel so deprived as I havent had ANY vegetables in my house for at least 2 weeks. My dinners are just lacking.

Yesterday's Food

B- Life cereal w 1% milk
L- Tuna Sandwich on whole wheat, astro fruit yogurt
S- Chips
D- lean breaded pork chops, homemade fries
S- frozen yogurt
32pts + 1 flex

The chips were not planned, but I tracked then and made them work in my day. As you can see my meals are severly lacking some produce!!

Today's Food

B- Life cereal w 1% milk
L- Tuna Sandwich on whole wheat
S- French Vanilla Cap + raspberry donut
*this was supposed to be a steeped tea and 2 timbits. They were out of timbits and I caved.
S- Granny smith apple
D- Steak & sweet potato

So far this leaves me with 6 points left. I think I may also have a yogurt before dinner, which still leaves me with 5

I will work on this!!

Have a great Tuesday


Krista said...

Good luck with your meals. I can't begin to imagine how hard it is not to be able to get up and do things yourself. Hang in there girl!