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Weight Loss

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

So yesterday went pretty good.
I said in the morning what I was going to eat and i tried to follow that plan, but I slipped a little

What I said I would eat:

2 slices ww toast w PB&J
1 cup milk
100cal snack
1 can diet coke
roast pork tenderloin with carrots and rice
1 cup milk

Points Used:27
Points Left:4

What I did eat:

2 slices ww toast w PB&J
1 cup milk
100cal snack
chili (1/2 of what I brought)

1 can diet coke
1 medium french vanilla cappuccino
roast pork tenderloin with peas and rice

1 can diet coke
1 muffin that tastes like donuts (yes that's the title of it, DF made them)

Points Used: 32
Points Left: -1

So points wise I didn't do too bad.....but when you take a look at what I ate I really didn't do that good. I need to get to the grocery store because I am really lacking on the fruits and vegetables. Also as you can see, I did not have one glass of water. I know that with WW we now liquids, but I wanted at least half my liquids to be water.

Today I hope to do better......again I will be lacking on the fruit/veggie side because I don't have any at home and cant get to the store in my condition :(


YES i did some activity! While dinner was cooking I decided that I can be a little more productive than just sitting on my ass in front of the TV.
I was able to do 50 crunches, then 20 crunches + bicycle kicks, then 20 push ups and then I worked with my hand weights.
I plan to do it again tonight.