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Weight Loss

Friday, November 28, 2008

TV is the Devil!

So I didn't go WI last night when I probably should have. Instead I cleaned the kitchen, made a healthy dinner and worked out for 30 minutes.
I think that because I did something to help in the weight loss that it was OK for me to miss the meeting. At least that's what I am telling myself. I have only missed 2 meetings so far in 12 weeks, but one of them was because I was taking care of my mom who had surgery.

Although I did not go in for an official WI, I did weigh myself at home. I know it is pretty accurate because I always weigh myself at home before I go to meetings and the the most t has ever been off is 0.2lb.

Anyways....I WI at home and i was up +0.2lb. That I can handle. TOM had arrived, and the large amounts of sodium and the lack of water could have been the reason. Either way it was a gain and I have moved on from it.

I realized last night that TV is the devil....yup the devil!!!
I usually get home at about 420pm and take the dog for a walk, then have a small snack. After that its just about 500pm and Judge Judy is on. It's like she just sucks me in and makes me watch her!! Well last night it wasn't on (Football was on), and there is nothing else on at that time, so that is when I worked out. I almost always choose TV over working out....and I need to stop doing that. I need to train myself to not even turn the TV on when I get home, and leave it off until I get a workout it. It's only 30 minutes of my life without TV and you think it would be easy. I think I will add that to my December goals.....NO TV until workout is complete!

So my goals for December (which are also on the WW.ca board)

30 min of activity @least 4days/week
plan all meals @least 4days/week
track everyday
eat 5 fruit/veggie a day
STS @ Jan2 WI
No TV until workout complete

Thursday, November 27, 2008


So this week has been pretty interesting. I havent been following the plan as I should be, or even vowed I would do. I keep saying that I have the motivation and that I am finally going to lose weight and be determined....but I am just not.

Yesterday I ate an entire bag of cheesies.
Last night TOM arrived ;(
Tonight I am supposed to WI and I am not going.

I dont know what I need give me that push. I had 2 bad months in a row, that didnt seem to do it. I have had a great month this month, and I feel pretty much the same.

I am trying a couple different things to try to help me be and stay motivated so maybe December will be my month. I have been planning my meals a few days in advanced, so it makes it harder to stray from the program. I have also printed a calender from Ashley's blog to help me stay active for the next 5 weeks. I think if I can visualize the activity I want to do, and the progress I have done, it will make me want to do more.

If this doesnt work then I dont know.
I find it easy to talk to others to try to help them get their motivation but cant seem to talk to myself.

I have to do this for myself, I cant keep living the way I am.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Change to the Program

For those of you who may not have heard yet, but the WW program is changing the week of December 7. So like many other people I have been curious and VERY impatient, so I have tried to hunt down some information ahead of time. My leader told me that it is the biggest change since the introduction of Core, so I needed to know.

This is what I have found:
The Momentum Plan
This seems very much like core as it focuses on certain foods, and the foods are those that will fulfil your hunger needs and keep you satisfied. The food list will be different than core though.

This is a cookbook that I found on Amazon. On the front cover there is a pink label that says that it has Points and Momentum plan recipes.

I am hoping this is something I can try. I have never tried Core as there are so many things that I don't like to eat that are core foods, that I would have a hard time surviving off of my 35 flex points. I also want to add that I am not saying that this is 100% what the program changes will be, but this is some info I have found and thought I should pass it on.

Weigh In

Well I am glad to announce that I lost weight this week!!!! YAY ME!
I lost another 1.8lb.
Not only am I finally losing weight after 2 months of pretty much nothing....but this is the lowest I have been since re-joining WW. So i am definitely happy right now.

I just have to keep up with it this week, because last week I did have a few moments of weakness and I don't want it to catch up with me at my next weigh in.


For those of you that may remember, a couple months ago I was talking about having symptoms of being tired and cold all the time, among other things. Well I went to the doctor to get blood tests done to check my thyroid and hemoglobin levels, to which my doctor added other things like cholesterol and blood sugar.

The good news is that nothing is wrong with me and I am in great health. I love knowing that even though I am overweight, I have always been a very healthy person and there has never been any concerns about my health mentioned to me ever, not even that my weight will badly affect me.

The bad news is that nothing is wrong with me. I have no idea why I am feeling the way I do but I am. The doctor was just as confused as I am. He suggested that my constant fatigue may actually mean that I need to be more active, so I am working on that.

Here is to losing more weight!! :)
Have a great weekend!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Why do I do this to myself

So yup, last week was great as I lost 2.4lb...........this week not so good.
I STS. I know many people say "don't worry its better than a gain" except I cannot accept that.
If i had put the effort forward and got the sts then OK, but that is not really how it happened. I didn't put the effort in, ate things should have, pretty sure I went over points some days (I really don't know since I didn't track every day).

The week I lost the 2.4 I didn't stay for the meeting (mom had surgery and I had to care for her), but I wish that I did. I think it may have kept me a little more motivated this last week. The meeting last night has got me thinking more and my determination is up and I WILL do better this week!!!!

On another note, a couple months ago I posted about some symptoms I have been having and that I made a doctors appointment to get checked to see what may be causing it. Tuesday I went in for some blood work where they are checking my thyroid and hemoglobin. Since they are already removing the blood from me, they are testing a few other things like my cholesterol (and other things I cant remember). I kind of that feeling like "i hope nothings wrong" because I don't want to have something wrong with me, but on the other hand I want something to be wrong with me that is fixable, otherwise I have these symptoms and nothing I can do about it. I get the results on Wednesday.

Last........I keep sitting here and wondering what the new changes are going to be on the WW program. My leader and the receptionist last night were saying that this is the biggest change in a long time....hmmmm.
The receptionist was saying that she felt so weird, because she is telling new people how the program works, knowing that what she is saying is going to change in a matter of a couple weeks. As long as it doesn't give me more points to eat (like it did on the last change 2 years ago) then I think I am OK with that.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Thursday WI

So as I sit here, eating my apple.......
I would like to announce that I lost 2.4lb this week!!!! YAY ME!!!

I guess having goals really helps!! I didnt actually acheive all of them, but who cares?!?! I put the effort in and tried and came out with a great result.

activity 4 days/week: 2/7
Drink 2L water/day: 4/7
Lose 8lb: 2.4/8
Track everything every day: 7/7
Leave 5FP each week: 15 left

So far so good I think. I know I have some areas that I need to work on, but that is what this week is for. I am just glad to get out of the rut of October. That month is almost embarrasing. Really, you dont put the effort in, you dont get the results.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


So here is today's update:

*track everything, everyday- I tracked all of my food yesterday!!
*Drink 2L H2O every day- I didn't get all 2L, but did get 1.5 which is the amount recommended by WW
*30 minutes of activity at least 4 days/week- Did 30 minutes of my Cardio video
*Leave 5FP at the end of each week- My week started Friday, and so far I have 24 FP left
*Lose 8lb- First November WI is this thursday night

So I have already realized that there is a little kink in my plans! I planned on getting 30 minutes of activity at least 4 days/week. Today and tomorrow would have been days 3 & 4. My mom is having surgery today, so I have to take car of her tonight since she is not allowed to get up. I am not sure I can do my video, especially at her house as I will most likely be interrupted. I think I am just going to have to improvise and find a way to get something in.
I was planning on doing my power sculpt video, so what I think I may do is bring my weights over there and do some easy things. As long as I'm moving right???
Tuesday's Meals

Breakfast- 2 slices WW toast w peanut butter, 1 cup 1% milk (5)
Snack- Triscuits (1)
Lunch- Michelinas, fruit cup, rice pudding (9)
Snack- Pear (1)
Dinner- TBD (12)
Snack- Hot Chocolate, WW 1pt PB bar (3)

Monday, November 3, 2008

WI - 30/10/2008

So my WI last week was worse that I thought! :(
I ended up gaining 1.8lb and am now at 251.8 (yuck)
In 4 weeks, I have WI 3 times and each has been a gain......soooooo not good and I don't know why I am doing this to myself!

I have made some goals for November, and I am going to try to check in here every day and be honest with how I am doing with them!

Goals For November
*track everything, everyday
*Drink 2L H2O every day
*30 minutes of activity at least 4 days/week
*Leave 5FP at the end of each week
*Lose 8lb

If I work hard at it, I could actually achieve all of these goals; even the 8lb loss.

So far this week (week starting Friday) I have tracked everything and Friday I went bowling, so I got some activity in! My plan for the rest of the week activity is:
Mon- Cardio Max video 30 min
Tues- Power Sculpt video 40 min
Wed- DDR 30-60 min
Thurs- Nothing (WI day)

I have also decided that even though I am now back in the 250's and should be eating 32pts again, I am not going to. I am going to stick with the 31 since I have now gotten myself used to eating that much.

Monday's Meals

Breakfast- Fibre 1 Honey Clusters w milk (4)
Snack- Slim Fast Snack Bar (3)
Lunch- Turkey Sandwich, grapes, rice pudding, cinnamon twists (7)
Snack- Pear (1)
Dinner- TBD (12)
Snack- frozen yogurt, hot chocolate (4)