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Weight Loss

Friday, July 25, 2008

Weekend Away.....

Well today I kicked my but back into gear and got back OP. Ever since I went to Canada's Wonderland on Saturday I just haven't been able to get myself focused. I have none absolutely NO activity since it has rained every day this week, and I just lost all motivation. My portions weren't what they should have been, and I was definitely snacking on food that wasn't mine (John has his own snacks).

So today is a new day!!! I weigh in today after work, so since i haven't been OP I will be OK if I have a small gain (like 1 pound). More than that I think I will become more disappointed in myself.

So tonight John and I are driving to Peterborough to visit my future in laws. We haven't seen them in a while so I guess its time. I have a hard time staying OP when i visit, so this will be a big test. My Future MIL always cooks good meals, and seems to have some sort of baked good waiting on the counter every week (this woman cooks 8 pies for thanksgiving). It will be hard to resist!!! I will just have to make sure to drink lots and lots of water!!! His family know that I am trying to lose weight, and aren't the kind of people who will try to push food on me so I know I don't have to deal with pressure from others. I just have to use my own will power.

Everyone have a great weekend!!

PS. I will post my weight loss later today/tonight.