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Weight Loss

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

First Post Ever

I have never written, or planned on ever writing a blog. I never saw a reason to. I have now given myself that reason: Weight Loss.

I have always had a weight problem, but it was never a huge issue. Of course it bothered me from time to time, but growing up it didn't seem to be a big issue with myself or others. I was always athletic, playing sports almost every day while in highschool. I used to walk everywhere. When you can't drive, what is left is walking.
The problem really began in my last year of Highschool (grade 13, 18 years old). That was the year that I decided that I didnt want to play sports anymore (big mistake) and that same year I got my own car. When you have the freedom to drive, you don't really want towalk anymore. I started driving to school (it took longer to drive than too walk) and I would go out for lunch almost every day.

In highschool I weighed about 180lbs (15-17years old athletic). By the time I was about 19 years old I weighed 220lb. Even then I didn't really look at my weight as a problem. I had just started a relationship (to whom I am marrying next year), just starting University, everything was great! No one ever believed me when I told them how much I weighed. They would always guess so much less; so I believed it.

Fast forward 3 years later (2006), I get my new driver's license photo taken (March), and a few weeks after that I get the card and OHH MY GOD!!! I couldnt believe what I looked like in my photo. I had just turned 22 and the drivers license I was using was from when I was 17 (and athletic). I couldn't beleive that in 5 years that my face got that large. I had ballooned to 274lb. I couldn't beleive I let myself get that large. Pictures are very honest!

On May 4 2006 I joined WW with my mom and friend and I was amazed on how easy the program was. My first weight in I lost 7lb. In 6 months I lost 52lbs and was at the weight I was when I started dating my fiance. Things were going good and I thought I could do it alone. Gradually my portions started getting larger and larger and I began finding myself at fast food restaurtants and ordering fries instead of a salad. It's now 2008 and I found myself sitting at 261.5lb. I had gained it all back again!!!!!!!! I just sat there and thought "What am I doing to myself?!?!"

I have commited myself to WW once again!! I am doing it myself, no meetings but with the help of the WW community message boards. I have completed one week successfully losing 2lb, and I will continue to struggle through this but hopefully with much success. I am doing this to look good im my wedding dress next year, I am doing this to not have to wear plus size clothes, I am doing this so I am not winded going up a flight of stairs and I am doing this for my overall health!!!!!