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Weight Loss

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dance Dance Revolution

All I can say about this game is that it's AWESOME!!!!
Not only is it fun to play, it is a definate work out.

I had brought this game on our trip to Peterborough on the weekend and everyone love it. People were trying to beat their own scores, people were trying to beat other people, it was a blast!

Last night I used it for only 30 minutes, but man was it tough. Previously I was only using the beginner and basic stages, which were a workout, but pretty low or moderate. Last night I attempted the more difficut stages and boy is that a workout! Not only was I sweating and out of breath, but my muscles became sore. I loved it! I was able to earn 6AP using it.

For those of you that are not familiar with DDR, watch this.

Pretty much the point of the game is arrows are moving up on the screen. When they line up at the top you have to step on the corresponding arrow at the right time. The more accurate you are on steping on the arrows at the correct time, the more points you get. The more you step on correctly in a row (combo) the more points you get.


Jordanna said...

I recently got the Wii Fit - lots of fun and also great exercise. I've been thinking about DDR though because I think it would be a fun way to work out!

~ Nikisha said...

DDR is lots of fun and a great way to get everyone involved. You can have 4 ppl going at the same time (if you have 4 mats)