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Weight Loss

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Do little dance.....

.... Make a little love, get down tonight!

Ok well at least do a little dance, for me :)
Since recommiting to counting points all I have done is STS or gain weight. I was getting very frustrated.
Today I WI and lost 2.7lb!!! YAY ME!!!

This week the only change I did was that I didnt eat any of my flex points (until some last night). I think I may try that again since I am not being active.

As for my food today:

1 egg scrambled (2)
1 slice whole grain bread w jam (4)
1/2 cup chocolate milk & 1/2 cup 1% milk (2.5)

fruit smoothie (vanilla yogurt, banana, frozen berries, milk) (5)
orange (1)

breaded frozen fish fillet (3)
salad w tomato, mushrooms, cheese and renees light caesar dressing (3)

TBD; possibly homemade pizza on pita bread (6)

S- Frozen Yogurt (2)

Points Used: 28.5
Points Left: 2.5


Kari said...

whoot whoot. wtg girl! Stick with it! Maybe try and get in a little exercise now that it's beautiful weather! And your meals look good!!!

Anonymous said...

Wooooooooooohhhhhhhhoooooooo Way to go girl. That rocks! u are going to be a beautiful bride!!!

~ Nikisha said...

i would try to get some exercise, but the pain I have doesnt really allow me to.

I CANT WAIT until I am no longer in pain (and mobile) to get some activity. I just want to go for a long walk