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Weight Loss

Monday, May 11, 2009

My weekend!

So my weekend....meh!

Things didn't get much better after my chip binge. I didn't continue to go crazy, but I didn't count ANYTHING.

Friday night...I ate 2/3 of a frozen pizza to myself.
Saturday night... Swiss chalet. I ordered the white meat, but I ate the skin and ordered fries instead of a salad.

WI Saturday morning wasn't horrible. I gained 0.5lb. I think the majority of that may have been water retention due to the sodium packed things I have eaten in the last few days.

Today I am back on track!

I have realised this weekend that I think my body is under more stress than my brain thought. The ankle of my broken leg has been sore
I am in A LOT of pain most days because my hip is inflamed from walking on crutches
The big toe of my broken leg now has a fungal infection from the air cast
Planning my wedding (which is in 47 days)

Now I haven't felt very stressed mentally, but my body is telling me I am.
I get cold sores, and have for 20 years. They usually come if I am getting sick, or if I am stressed, and I only ever get them on my lip.
I woke up Saturday morning with my chin covered in them...about 6 of them.

I think the combination of pain and the medications I am taking, then trying to have a normal life when I cannot walk and have to rely on others are causing my body to freak out.

To add to it John's nan was rushed to the hospital in my city from another (about 45 mins away) because of a massive heart attack and she needed surgery right away.

I need some time off!


misssarahlou said...

Sounds like you need to take some me time... dont worry about food so much, you know what the right choices are so stop worrying. You are most likely right about your body telling you that you need to take a break - listen to it!

Hope you feel better soon - try not to stress too much - i know easier said than done :o)