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Weight Loss

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Taking a break from WW

So I am taking a break from WW for a while.
I am going to still try to make healthy choices on what I eat, but i don't think right now I have the energy to think about points and counting....


Friday morning I slipped on some ice and shattered my tibia and fibula. I probably have like 8 breaks total in one leg. I have 2 metal plates and at least 20 screws in it.
Right now I am bed ridden so I cannot make my own meals, or even get to the kitchen right now. THe only way I can get around is with my walker or crutches right now and it will be this way for at least 3 months.

I want to take most of my focus and put it on healing and getting better before I think about how many points my peanut butter and jelly sandwich is!!\

if people are interested here are a couple pics of my incisions.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Nikisha!! I'm so sorry to hear about your injuries!!! It's totally understandable why you are taking a break. Take care of yourself and I wish you a speedy recovery!!

Abbey Shaw said...

Get better quickly, honey.
Wishing you a quick and painless speedy recovery.
<3 still come by the boards for chatting and encouragement, if you need.

MeltingLisa said...

Oh my goodness! Those pictures speak a thousand words, wow that looks so incredibly painful. Wishing you a very speedy recovery.

Keep making those healthy coices, but yeah I can totally see why you can't focus on WW.

Don't stop blogging though! Wanna hear how you are doing :)

Amy B said...

I've been following your blog off and on as I surf weight related sites.Somehow I missed that you broke your leg! I am so sorry to hear that.
I know so many people who have hurt themselves on ice. Our city, Portland Maine, does a really crappy job on the sidewalks, doesn't help. I hope you are on the mend. Good luck!