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Weight Loss

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Absolutely Bored

So laying here on my back for the 6th day in a row I have decided that I am absolutely bored. I am really beginning to hate not being able to get up and move freely whenever I want. Right now I get out of bed just to pee and then back in I go.

In a way I am kind of glad that I am stuck in bed because I am a bored eater and if I had easy access to the fridge I would be eating like CRAZY!!!!

What really sucks about this whole injury is that the week that I hurt myself I finally got my mind set in the weight loss mode and I was really starting to get strict about working out. I wanted to make sure that I fit into my wedding dress in June. I only hope that I do not gain too much weight while lying here because it is going to be VERY hard to lose it when I am using a walker to get around.

ugh!! i just feel like i am going to go crazy here and I am stuck in my room for another week!
I am planning on taking one day and moving to the living room for one day but it is really hard to go down and then back up 15 stairs.

ok now i feel like i am rambling......i will most likely write again 2morrow :)


Carolyn said...

OH my lord!! you poor thing!!
I've been off the WW wagon for about 3 months now, but I do have to say that some of the 'rules' you picked up will stay with you. But don't go too far off the beaten track - even if you can't cook your own meals. keep fruit and veggies, and low fat chips around you, adn DON"T LET ANYONE BRIN YOU ANYTHING ELSE until you have finished those.
Wow... you poor thing! I'm so sorry to hear about that!