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Weight Loss

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Yes this is post number 100.
I don't really have anything special to say.
No good news, nothing fun.....just that this is post 100.

By this time I wanted to lose a lot more weight than I have so far.
it's been a year since I decided to get back into losing weight and I have only lost 5lb since then. I really wish I could get myself back to where I was 3 years ago when I lost 52lb. I kick myself when I think about how much weight I have put back on.

The broken leg (which still hasn't healed) has really put a damper on everything. It has messed with my emotions as it has ruined some things for me and is making my life really difficult right now. I can't do my job the way it should be done, I can't exercise, I cant drive for long periods, it's hard to go anywhere on my own. My contract at work is ending and I need to find a job. Who is gonna want to hire someone who cant walk without crutches??? especially to work in a lab.

This Friday is 24 weeks since I broke my leg!!!! that is almost half of the year!!!!! It is beyond getting ridiculous now!!!

Enough of that sadness!
I have decided that now that the wedding is over, and I am back from my honeymoon that it was time to get my but back in gear and at least eat healthy. Well I decided this yesterday and what did I eat..... 1/2 bag of dill pickle chips.....eek! I have been craving them for weeks and just fel like I needed them. Now I need John to finish them so I wont.

I did some grocery shopping and tried to get some foods that I can eat that are healthier for me. I think I did pretty good! Now to get back into tracking mode and I will be back 100%


Rebecca (AKA - Rebel In Ontario) said...

Congratulations on 100 posts! We are here cheering you on...I just borrowed a cookbook from a friend that you would probably love and incorporate into your daily eating...Looneyspoons which is Low-Fat Food Made Fun - Author: Janet Podleski, Greta Podleski
It has little tidbits of information like you can eat 53 baked potatoes or 1/2 handful of chips for the same amount of fat! Good luck with everything and remember if you need to buddy, I am in Kingston!

~ Nikisha said...

Thanks Rebecca!

I actually have eat Shrink and Be Merry which has the same sort of tidbits I believe.

it just gets hard sometimes to get your mindset back into it...but I am gonna try!