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Weight Loss

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I really need to be eating better. I can say that this week has been better than last week, but I have gotten myself into the "I really don't FEEL like cooking" mood, which is not really a mood to be in. I look in my cupboards and none of the food in them appeal to me. I guess I am just board with my food but not sure what I want to do with mix or spice it up. It would really help if I could just run to the store and grab something to cook.....sigh.

I am driving now, since I can put 50% pressure on my leg (it doesn't take that much pressure to press the gas pedal), the issue is that it takes so much time to get in and out of the car.

I get to my car and put the crutches in the passenger seat. I take my air cast off and put it in the passenger seat. I carefully put a shoe on my foot of the broken leg.....this is a challenge because my foot is still swollen and I cant just yank the shoe on. Then I drive. When I get to my destination, shoe comes off, boot goes on, get out of car, grab crutches and go....... then the process goes over again when I am done in the store -- I also cant push a shopping cart very well.
This is going to be a long few months.....AGAIN!

On a different note, I decided that I needed to somehow make some more money and for a while didn't know what I was going to do. I have now figured that out!!
I am now an Independent EcoAdvisor for OnlyGreen. OnlyGreen sells environmentally friendly products including beauty & health products, baby care, household products, clothing & accessories, paper & plastic alternatives etc. and I am selling these products.

If you are interested check out the Spring Summer Catalogue: http://www.onlygreen.com/media/files/Catalog_SpringSummer09.pdf

And if you would like to purchase any products you can do so through me:


lovealotbear2 said...

I just came across your blog from another friend of mine and I actually think we used to go to Weight Watchers before.

Did you used to go to the uptown one in Kingston on Thursday evenings??

Maybe I am just crazy but if I am right, it really is a small world!

~ Nikisha said...

Princess street just off Bayridge drive? By Leons??
I definitely did go there back in 2006 is when I joined the first time.
I went with my mom and friend :)

lovealotbear2 said...

Yep thats the one! I used to work there in 2006... before I had my son and got fat again.
Your mom reached goal when I was there I think....

How is your weight loss journey going? I see you are getting married very soon... congrats!

~ Nikisha said...

Yes she did reach goal, but never reached lifetime.

Once maintenance came she kinda stopped.

My weightloss journey not so good. I ended up gaining back 35 of the 50 I lost. I am currently at about 25lb lost and a loooooong way to go. Right now I am focusing on maintaining because I cannot to much activity as I have a broken leg, but I have maintained for the last 4 months without any issue.

are you the one who lost all of their weight working as a ticketer?

Lisa said...

wow!! i lost your blog (don't ask lol) and just found you in my followers!! WHEW~!!

Best of luck on your wedding day honey!! I'm so sorry to read about your leg!!