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Weight Loss

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


That is how I am feeling.....
Just about the wedding and everything happening. It's coming so fast. If doesn't feel like that long ago I got engaged, but that was 18 months ago!

Just trying to tie up some loose strings, but so far so good.

As for the leg....
I had my Doctor's appointment for my leg. This Friday will mark week 18 wince the break and I am still hobbling around on crutches.
My doctor informed me that it will be at LEAST 2 more months again that I have to use the crutches and I cannot weight bare more than 50% on my broken leg.
UGGGH this healing process is soooooo slow. Different doctors keep asking me if I am a smoker or if I live with a smoker because it can slow down the bone healing process. The answer to both is NO.

The doctor has given me permission to walk down the aisle with a cane, so I am happy about that. Less likely to get my dress all dirty and easier to get down the aisle. It's pretty short so I think I will be good.

What sucks is that I have this stupid boot on ALL SUMMER!!!! It is going to get sweaty and stinky and I wont be able to do a lot of the activity that I was planning on doing this summer. I wanted to ride my bike to work, I wanted to go for hikes with John, so I guess I will have to wait another year for that.

Like I said before I haven't really been following it, but just trying to maintain. I had a bad week eating wise last week (or maybe it was 2 weeks ago) where I had KFC, McDonald's, Dairy Queen and I think Burger King all in the same week. SOOOOOOO not good for me! This week I have been much better in watching what I eat. As long as I don't gain I am happy. Once the wedding is done I am going to focus more on my points again. There is just so much in my brain right now that points have been pushed on the back burner. That will change soon!


CDNSK2006 said...

Hang in there. I always tell myself these type of things are "Character Builders".

I think you have the right attitude about just trying to maintain until the wedding and everything is over. Enjoy the day as best as you can. You deserve it.

Have a great time on the honeymoon.