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Weight Loss

Saturday, March 14, 2009

First WI in a while

So with the whole broken leg thing I haven't been able to hop onto a scale.
I weighed myself last night and I wasn't too surprised with the result.
I weighed in at 248.3.

So in 2 months I gained just under 4lb, but 5 of those weeks I have been sitting or laying down most of the day doing nothing. I can totally accept this weight gain and I am actually happy with it. I just didn't want to be over 250.

I started tracking again on Wednesday and I am noticing that I am having difficulties. Its just that I am not used to it, and having troubles making some foods. I can only stand for so long, since 248lb is a lot of weight to put on one foot. I am trying my best and I think after a few weeks I will get back into the flow.

I am ready to go!!!


Heather's Journey said...

Woooohoooo im glad ur back!

Chunkykima said...

Good luck! Hang in there :-)